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         A few years back, Lechon Baboy or Spit-Roasted Pig, the pride of Cebu gastronomy, was not readily available for retail by the kilo. This was because lechon was usually only called for during special occasions. But the growing want for this delicacy has made dominant lechon suppliers maximize its availability by putting up a retail dining place for this, of which CnT was the pioneer. Soon after, Rico’s and the more popular Zubuchon followed.

          Ayer’s is among the leading brands, being the only lechon retailer at the Mactan Airport and having several branches within three years of operation. They currently have three dining outlets and two pick-up outlets.

Ayer's Lahug

          Their dining outlets offer affordable lechon set meals (ranging from P50 to P100 with drinks!) or an extensive porky (it’s all pork) a la carte menu at your convience. They have one unique dish though -- kimchi. The owner has some Korean friends who enjoy their lechon and so he thought of offering them kimchi with it and found that they liked the combination. He then decided to add it to the menu. I think that’s something we Filipinos should try, too.


          Some a la carte dishes are bopis (pork intestine, liver; the sweetbreads), lechon sisig (one of my faves), lechon paksiw, dinuguan and prichon (fried lechon). These are also offered in set meals with drinks. 

(from top left): dinuguan, paksiw, bopis, prichon and sisig

          A new addition to the menu is their spicy boneless lechon belly. It sure was spicy and just as crisp and flavorful as their regular lechon. Pure meat and skin without the fuss of having to deal with bones (though there are dogs people who like biting on bones).

          Catering not only to locals in Cebu but even taking orders from other regions in the country, especially Manila, they have now launched their website  (ayerlechon.com) for easier order taking and transactions wherever you are in the country. 

Lechon order details:

     SIZE                        PRICE (php)                # OF PERSONS
     small                            3,000                                20-25 
                                          3,500                              30-35
    medium                           4,000                              40-45

     large                              5,000                               50-55

     x-large                           6,000                               60-75   



(Main Office)
Gate 777 (Across Cebu Country Club)
Lahug, Cebu City 6000

3rd level, SM Trade Hall
SM City Cebu

2nd floor, I2 Bldg.
IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City 

Salinas Drive (in front of USP)--------------Operating Hours: Mon - Sun   7 AM-10 PM
Lahug, Cebu City                                    Accepts deliveries within Lahug area.

Departure Area, Domestic Airport
Mactan, Cebu


Tel. # - (032) 231 7615             
Fax # - (032) 268 0327
Mobile - 0922 826 8133/0922 826 8132

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. ilabas ang lechon! hahahahaha

  2. Oh my! The Lechon looks really good! I miss Lechon Cebu. A LOT! :)

    1. Once you've tasted and are deprived, you will forever crave! :D

  3. I'm going to Cebu next week and this post couldn't have come at a better time! Lovely blog too :)


    1. Thanks, Sandie! Hope you'll enjoy Cebu! :D

  4. The lechon is to die for!!!!

  5. Two thumbs up for the lechon cebu. Sumptuous up to the last piece. :-)

  6. Cebu's lechon was said "the best lechon in the world." sabi nung sikat na int'l tv chef. pero di ko pa natikman ang cebu lechon.. hopefully one day pag nagka chance. see my personal short blog, sarap ng lechon eh lechon baboy