10 Dove's First Anniversary in Oakridge Business Park

                  10 Dove Street, one of my favorite restaurants in Cebu, has now warmed up in its new nest at Oakridge Business Park. Though they have moved to a commercial location, they were still somehow able to maintain that intimate, personal charm from when they were yet a hole-in-the-wall in Sto. Niño Village. I believe this is from the home cooking touch in their dishes and the personalized service they offer each guest consistently, making sure every visit is pleasurably memorable. 

               I think the most popular items from 10 Dove Street are their unforgettably loveable cakes that you can't miss the moment you step into the restaurant, sitting regally on their pedestals. These are definitely some of my favorite cakes in town for their perfect balance in texture (not too airy nor dense), sweetness (not throat-irritating which means you can easily finish the whole slice) and flavor combinations. They have mastered their signature chiffon cake that comes in many delectable flavors, it can be quite a challenge to settle for just one. Their cakes are so resilient, they can offer you rich chocolatey-ness or light, refreshing, fruity ones. My personal favorites are the Avocado Pandan Cake, Mango Yogurt Cake, Ube Pandan and the Opera! The Opera was particularly reminiscent of my favorite J. Co donut, the Alcapone! Hehe.  

[photo from 10 Dove Street Facebook page]
From top clockwise: Avocado Pandan Cake, Ube Pandan Cake, Mango Cream Cake, Triple Chocolate, Opera, Oreo Cake

Cake slices (from top clockwise): Avocado Pandan Cake, Opera, Mango Yogurt, Chocolate Decadence

         With their irresistible charm (and cakes), I'm sure every one who has dined here has an experience to share. You can read about mine on my post about them last year. Celebrating their first anniversary this entire month of April, you can actually use those experiences to win you some free gift certificates and enjoy 10 Dove Street even more. They're giving away P5,000 worth of GC's to the top 10 best photos. The mechanics are simple! Just click on the poster below to read about it:

           Easy as pie right? Of course, what's not to love about 10 Dove? I just rhymed? Hahaha. Don't forget to use the hashtags #10DoveStreetTurns1 and #OakridgeBusinessPark and tag 10 Dove Street on Facebook and Instagram when you upload your photos! And use your wittiest captions, too! Deadline is on or before April 27, 2015 (Tuesday). Winners will be announced over Facebook and Instagram on April 30, 2015. Enjoy! 

Happy Anniversary, 10 Dove Street! 

*For updates, follow 10 Dove Street on Instagram (@10DoveStreet) and Facebook

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu!"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


Thank You

2015 is the year of the sheep, my year, the year I was also set to graduate… It’s just begun to sink in that I’ve finally finished my course, and though I have yet to pass the board exam this August to be a licensed Nutritionist, I am beyond grateful to know that I have already accomplished my educational plans since high school - to go to culinary school and earn a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. It wasn’t a smooth ride - my life had several interesting twists and turns - but I know this was all God’s plan and this is exactly where and who He wants me to be.

The original plan since high school was to study culinary and earn a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics because, well, I wanted to be a chef and nutritionist. After culinary school and having worked for our family business that closed in mid-2011, I found myself raring to just pursue my culinary career and forget about studying Nutrition because I was perfectly happy with the kitchen life. However, I was encouraged by a friend to go to college because other than the things I would learn from the actual classes, the experience was not to be missed. I was convinced, also bearing in mind that my mom belittles me because I was not a degree holder. Of course, there was a bit of insecurity knowing that I would be one of the eldest in class, but big hopes for the future helped brush it aside. I held on to the fact that I was hardworking and God has always been faithful in my life.

True enough, the experience was priceless. I have learned more about life and myself than I could probably have learned elsewhere. I would strongly recommend youths to go to college because, beyond the books and homeworks, it can be a crucial time for self-discovery and self-development.

I wasn’t really the sky-high achiever when it came to academics (the only time I graduated with honors was in Nursery 2, placing 2nd in class). In fact, classmates would tease me that I’m slow. So, I never really considered myself to be really smart either. Things took an unexpected turn when I happened to make it to the Dean’s List in Second Year. I was motivated to do my best because I realized that this was probably my only chance to achieve something academically, give back to my parents, and maybe prove something to people who doubted me (even if I didn’t need to).

Breaking the news to my high school best friend (who is by the way, my total opposite, being the ultimate achiever), I was encouraged even more because he offered to give me a free trip to Singapore (where he is currently based) if I graduated Cum Laude. So, I strived and gave my all despite eventually having a business in my third year. I was relatively doing well until the final semester where I had to go on three internships – hospital (clinical), hotel (foodservice), and community (public health).

Internship rocked my world; and no, not the good kind. The hospital phase was probably the lowest point of my life. I struggled with lack of sleep (having only a maximum of 2 hours sleep most nights), pressure from endless requirements, and was depressed because I felt very dumb and useless.  At this point, I was facing the dismal fact that I might not make it to the honors list. Nonetheless, I didn’t give up. I decided that whether I make it or not, I was still going to do my best.

And to my surprise, I made it! Not alone, of course. Everything I’ve been through just shows that God was always by my side, catching me whenever I fell and gave me pats on the back when I needed it. He did this through several people He brought in my life.

So, now that I’m finally here, having just overcome one of the several mountains I have yet to climb and conquer in my life, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who have been part of my journey and made me who I am today…


God, my loving heavenly Father, who never left me and steadfastly provided all the love, strength and wisdom that I needed. You have been there for me in my darkest, loneliest days as well as my victorious days. I know that without You, I am nothing. Everything I have is from You and everything I have accomplished belongs to you. I give back all the glory, honor, and praise to you, dear God! Thank you for all the miracles! You never cease to amaze. I will continue to give my best because You deserve my all. 

To my parents, who supported me financially and morally through all my aspirations. From those summer sports and dancing clinics when I was younger, to culinary school and now, my Nutrition degree. Although you may have had other plans for me, thank you for never saying “no” to my dreams for my career. I hope that someday I can be good enough for you, that whatever I aspire to do will make you both happy and fulfilled in life. I will work hard to give you both the retirement life you deserve. :)

Daddy, thank you for all the times you brought to school the things I left at home and for always readily taking me to my 3 AM and 4 AM duty shifts in Chong Hua, and during my internships in Marco Polo and Radisson.

Mommy, thank you for doing your best to provide for all my needs in college, especially for always paying for tuition on time and giving me the money to buy all the books I needed, for always being ready to lend me your precious accessories, clothes, bags and shoes for whatever occasion.

My favorite girl, my beloved sister, Baby Jojo, for always being my little miss sunshine and giving me hugs and kisses at the perfect times when I needed them most, and for waking me up sometimes. This achiever is also my inspiration to excel. :)

Uncle Ramon and Auntie Helen, for all the support all the way from New York! Thank you for constantly keeping in touch and reminding me to achieve great things.

Also to my relatives from my mother’s side, Auntie Baby, Auntie Lane, Uncle Tootsie, Auntie Jingkie, Uncle Jerry, Mama Aida, Ate Aije, Ate Angel. I know you all are always proud of me! Thank you!

To my mentors:

Ma’am Elvie, thank you for accepting me in your department.

Mrs. Girlie Libato, for being tirelessly supportive, always pushing us to do our best and for believing in us. I am so proud of you and truly blessed to have been your student.

Mrs. Ruvilyn Agujetas, for being the most considerate, understanding and patient teacher! Thank you for your kindness!

Dr. Judith Borja, it was a great great privilege to have been your student. You have sparked my interest in research and I hope you continue to share your extensive and valuable knowledge in this field! Your brilliance at your age inspires me to be sharp yet humble in all my endeavors.

Ms. Anya Martinez, the most humble yet brilliant person I’ve ever met, you are such a blessing and inspiration! Thank you for your enthusiasm and positivity! Truly a privilege to have been your student, too! Thank you for not only being a teacher, but also for being a friend!

Mrs. Maricel Eguna – Judilla, for being the best biochem teacher ever! You made it so fun and interesting! Thank you very much!

To Luis, the gentleman who never gave up on me, the man who soldiered through everything with me, my best friend, confidant, cheerleader, psychiatrist, lover, who believed in me and loved me even when I didn’t love myself anymore. Thank you for giving the complete support that nobody else could give, especially the emotional, physical and moral support. You have a huge share in my victories because you were there through it all. Thank you for being the optimist when I was a pessimist, for making me believe in myself. I love you very much! You and your family are such a blessing! Thank you also to Tito Jun and Tita Grace for being so hospitable and supportive and for all the encouragement. Thank you Tita Grace for being my case study! Tito Jun, for retrieving my very, very important file from my USB! Thank you Angelo and Paolo for driving me home when I was dead tired! 

To my classmates, for putting up with me, for not making me feel older than you (haha), for reminding me about homeworks, for cheering me up or asking if I need help when you see I am sad! 100% ta sa board ha! I know we can do it! Congratulations to us!!! Study, pray, study, pray!

To all the friends who make time to listen to my problems and inspire me to not give up…

Richie, thank you for the genuine friendship all these years, for being one of my biggest supporters, for always being there to lend an ear and remind me that I should believe in myself because people like you believe in me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for cheering me up!

Jannana! Ms. Beauty & Brains! Thank you for being my sweetest friend, that despite our different lives, you remained loyal and close. You have kept our friendship as if we weren’t miles apart at all. Thank you for all the virtual hugs and words of encouragement! For always remembering me when you come home to Cebu and always making time to see me! You are one of my inspirations! I love you!

Muhmeh Kazoot! My partner-in-crime, my fellow “English paka” best friend (even if you don’t admit it! hahaha), the golden girl, pastry queen, thank you for always being there for me, for always supporting me and “proud-ing” me! Hehehe! You’ll always be my bestest bestest friend! I love you!

Joem, my love, you know you love me! Hahaha! Thanks for always being there for me and for always making time to see me when you’re here in Cebu! I love you!

Jamaica dear! The smartest, most strong-willed and independent woman I know! You have always been an inspiration for me to dream big and achieve the reality of those dreams. Thank you for always being so supportive and for always being ready to listen when I need someone to talk to. I love you! 

Denise, thank you for the genuine friendship, for being the honest voice I needed to hear and for always keeping me grounded. Thank you for being my girlfriend and sister! I love you!

Justin, for always making time to see me when you’re here and for pushing me to be the best I can be. You are one of the very few people who truly know me. Thank you for keeping the friendship!

Micmic, Yen, Nikki, my tennistahz! Thanks for being the best bunch! We may all have different lives but it’s all good because we will all be helping each other out when someone needs a dentist, an architect, a nutritionist, or just a tennis partner! You guys will always be my playmates. Thanks for bringing the fun in my life and for always being ready to listen, help, support and play! I love you guys!

My pigpack, Mustachio and Baktin! Thanks for being the best food buddies and always having my back when I'm craving or need some comfort food. I love you guys! 

The superstar couple, Rachel and Ejay! Thank you very much for all your support for Team Brownie and for the genuine friendship! It's great to have friends like you. :)

Chefs Gene and Gino Gonzalez, my culinary inspiration and the most down-to-earth celebrities I’ve ever met! You are my culinary superheroes and you may not know it but you have helped feed my passion for food and cooking. Thank you for the genuine friendship! You both are forever embedded in my heart and I will never forget that inspiring note you wrote in one of those books you gave me. :) Shout out to Chef Toto Erfe and Chef Lawrence Zafra as well! “CHEF, WE’RE READY NA!”

"To Justinne, A Chef we'd like to see up there..." <3

Sir Joel, you may have been just a substitute teacher for our class once but you have become a friend. Thank you for always being so supportive and for the interest in making me your subject for your shoots. It was a great privilege to have been one of your subjects. I’ve never enjoyed photoshoots and felt so comfortable than with you, Mrs. Susan and Ms. Queenie! Thank you for the opportunities and fun times! :D

Ian Secong of Azul, your efforts to lend me some of your gas stoves for our community internship culminating activity was a big gesture that showed your big heart! It was truly a big help. Thank you very much for the support! Belated happy birthday!

Hon. Andrew Bacusmo of Brgy. Cansojong, Talisay City! Thank you very much for being so accommodating and supportive of my group's activities in your barangay! More power and God bless!  

            Truly, I am so blessed to have such smart, beautiful, trustworthy friends who are some of the most successful and inspiring yet down-to-earth people I know. Thank you very much for everything you have contributed to the person that I am today! I am inspired to be as successful yet grounded as you all are. :)

Thank you as well, to everyone else who has helped me in one way or another! I may not be able to mention everyone because I have quite a poor memory but know that I am grateful for whatever you have contributed in my life, whether it be criticism that has motivated me to be a better person, words of encouragement to refresh my soul, or may it be as simple as a smile that reminded me to be hopeful. I would not be who I am today if it were not for God and the people I have met in this life.

With this milestone in my life, I am inspired to continue to do my best for the glory of my loving Heavenly Father who has blessed me with good health, always providing abundantly beyond my needs, my talents and skills and people who love me and support me through thick and thin.

Cheers to the future! Please pray for me as I review for the board exam I'll be taking this August! I'll need all the prayers I can get! :D

Let me just leave you with these verses that remind me to let go and let God because I am such a worry worm. Worrying doesn’t get you anywhere. :)

“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”
Matthew 6:26-27

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Matthew 6:34


Yolk: Breakfast All Day

Yolk: Coffee and Breakfast
80 Tres Borces St., Mabolo, Cebu City 6000
Tel. no.: (032) 231 0411 
Price range: P170 - P310
Operating hours: Tuesday - Sunday   7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

            What better way to start the day than with a power meal – breakfast! Who doesn’t love breakfast? I know of people who wake up early even on vacation because they’re excited for the breakfast buffet when staying in hotels. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to enjoy this “luxury” (because these days, you’re lucky if you can have breakfast) even if they wanted to because often times, we have to choose between getting more sleep but missing breakfast or getting less sleep to make time for breakfast. Sometimes, it can be hard to choose between sleep and food, right? #workaholicproblems

            Did you know that you can be busy and lazy? Busy, because you have a hectic schedule – can’t get much sleep and can’t make time for breakfast – and lazy, because you just don’t want to go through the hassle of cleaning up after cooking breakfast. Well, that’s me. Hehe. I can’t stand seeing dirty dishes in the sink so I’d rather not cook if I know I can’t have the time to clean up afterwards.  So, for busy and lazy bees piglets like me, we may tend to skip breakfast often but it’s comforting to find a place that serves breakfast all day just so we wouldn’t feel like we missed out on the best meal of the day.
            There are several restaurants in Cebu that serve all day breakfasts but none that really devote themselves to serving solely true blue breakfast dishes all day (Silogan ni Gian or Sinangag Express don’t count, okay?). Until early this year, a cozy little café that takes breakfast seriously just hatched in a little nook in Mabolo – Yolk.

             You know it’s serious when they cook their eggs consistently to perfection. Nothing like perfectly cooked eggs to make your day, right? I’ve been hearing (and seeing) a lot (of photos) about this café but was too busy with internship to drop a visit. Finally, when my internship ended, I was invited to taste their dishes so I took my chance.

            Yolk may be hidden from the main road but it’s not difficult to find. It eludes itself from the busy streets enough to give you the comfort of getting away from the urban noise, supplemented with an extra cozy ambience from their homey, rustic interiors and warm lighting.

A favorite spot  

            They have quite a conservative menu that offers about 8 main courses, a salad, two kinds of sandwiches, and a healthy option.

            This was a night of reunion for me and Angeli of foodiecraft.com after more than a year of not seeing each other. Both of us have been abducted from the blogosphere by our school duties and finally, we are just awaiting graduation! Well, by the time I’d have posted this, she’d already have graduated. Along with us were JM of mytastefullife.blogspot.com and Hoven of mycebu.ph. 

JM, Babe for Food, Ms. Foodiecraft, and Hoven

            That night, we were served the best of the house – Eggs Benny, Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan, and All Beefed Up. These were all choices from the section of the menu where “It’s All About the Eggs”. And it sure was.
            The photos I’ve seen on Instagram and Facebook did not lie. The eggs were gorgeous. :’)

            But first, I had coffee while waiting for our food. Well, I chose Café Mocha because I wanted to try something a little more fancy than brewed coffee but without as much milk as latte. Little did I know that their coffee was something special. I realized this when I took a sip of my Café Mocha. I’m no coffee afficionado but I usually like my coffee black with just a maximum of two packets of brown sugar. I was blown away. It had the right balance of sweetness from the chocolate syrup yet a coffee flavor that refused to be overpowered. I was swooning over my cup of coffee.

               The man behind the kitchen, Chef Pepin, sat down with us and talked about his passion for coffee when I commented on how good their coffee was. The secret behind this was their beans imported from Singapore. Their special blend is from single origin beans from Ethiopia.

And then came the food…

Chorizo and Eggs in a Pan
            I’m not really the chorizo kind (it doesn’t feel right eating my own kind. Jk.) but my companions really enjoyed this. Maybe you would too if you really dig chorizos.


            Oh, by the way, the food may be cholesterol-packed with each dish having two servings of egg but you can tone it down with a choice of having your meal with salad and toast instead of rice. I love this option! Their salad is lightly dressed in vinaigrette which is a refreshing accompaniment to the heavy main course. :)

Eggs Benny
            This is a breakfast favorite but I can be quite picky with my Eggs Benny, too. The bread has to be resilient enough that it won’t become mushy too soon from soaking up the Hollandaise sauce and flowing egg yolk. Yolk got this right with their sourdough bread, toasted to perfection – crisp crust and chewy core. A local touch is added to this dish with the use of calamansi, our local lime, to make the Hollandaise sauce. The sauce was a little too tart to my taste but the eggs were cooked to perfection.

All Beefed Up
            This was probably a unanimous favorite, Yolk’s version of homemade corned beef. We loved how tender and succulent the beef was and the potatoes were a great accompaniment. And of course, the eggs buried along with it that remained perfect despite sitting on a sizzling plate.


            And for dessert, we had their special Espresso Panna Cotta, made with their house blend coffee! It was simply elegant, finished with milk for the “foam” and chocolate syrup to create a latte art effect. And lo, it tasted as lovely as it looked. It had the perfect balance of sweetness and coffee flavor, and most notably, the consistency of the pudding – not too dense and not too thin. I am not easily pleased by panna cotta’s or mousse’s because I’m all about texture, of which my favorite combination is crispy and chewy, but this deserves a recommendation. :)

            We were also given the privilege of having a coffee tasting. We sampled the house blend and the special blend. And I learned how to taste coffee, by sweeping off the crema and then scooping a little coffee to taste. This was truly the cherry on top of our meal.

            At the end of the night, I learned something about coffee; that its taste changes when milk is added. Chef Pepin explained that their Special blend coffee has a hint of Jackfruit in itself and when milk is added as in latte, the exotic jackfruit taste is replaced with a sweeter note as in strawberry. True enough, I was able to taste the jackfruit note in the pure special blend, however, I got more of a cotton candy-like flavor when milk was added. Maybe my palate needs more training for this. This experience really made me appreciate latte and the art of coffee. Thanks to the very passionate coffee lover Chef Pepin. :)

            Just a note, to share Chef Pepin’s love for coffee, Yolk’s beverage menu only offers coffee and juice. No softdrinks. :)

            It’s easy to fall in love with this place. The moment you step inside, it refreshes you as if you just woke up and you’re ready to start your day. I would definitely go back to try their other items like the Green with Envy (because I’m a sucker for spinach and kesong puti), It’s So Fluffy Pancakes (what’s breakfast without pancakes?) and their Goodness in a Jar for a lighter meal. And of course, their coffee is one to remember. In fact, I’ve added it to my “Crave-ables” list. :))

GUILTY. It's all good vibes at Yolk. :)

Find them on Facebook.

What’s your favorite Yolk dish?

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu!" 

oink oink,

Babe for Food

- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


Sinulog Side Trips

Hello, dear readers!

I’m finally back! (hopefully not just for now)

            I’ve missed you all and this blog I call home! We all may have settled into the new year already but the party isn’t over yet for Cebu. 

      Cebu’s most festive weekend is right around the corner and all hospitality establishments are most probably fully booked by now. This is the time when the metro is teeming with tourists and the traffic is most unbearable. Since you’re reading this post, you’re likely to find yourself in Cebu for the biggest, most awaited street mardi gras in town - SINULOG. 

            So, now that you’re in my beautiful hometown, I can’t help but recommend the taste of Cebu. Like I always say, “To know Cebu, EAT Cebu!” 

            The dining establishments in this list would be a shame to miss while you’re here. Read up and find out why... ;)

            I think Cebu’s most popular dishes are LECHON and BBQ! So, I’m starting the list with the best places to grab these. :D

                You can’t be in Cebu and miss out on this glorious, whole roasted pig worshipped and revered by many who have tasted it, even Anthony Bourdain himself. Though there are many versions concocted by the competing entrepreneurs, Cebuanos know what Cebu lechon really tastes like. And these, for me, are the most trusted brands available for retail.

CnT Lechon
photo from www.choosephilippines.com

     This roast pig family empire has been around since 1987 and has already established themselves as a staple for whoever finds themselves in Cebu as well as for the locals. This is the lechon that deserves to fly back home with you to wherever you're from.

They have several branches around the metro, specifically at Guadalupe, across SM facing Radisson Blu Hotel, and Ayala Center Cebu Food Choices.

Rico’s Lechon
Acacia St., Brgy. Kamputhaw, Cebu City
Facebook: Rico's Lechon
(032) 231 0958

 photos from: Rico's Lechon Facebook page

            Rico’s has always been my family’s favorite for whole roast pig during special occasions. The skin is distinctly thin, crisp and for some reason, the fat does not seem to attach itself to the skin. Their young suckling pigs (lechon de leche) are also very tender.

They have recently opened a new branch at Escario with a vibrant, charming interior designed by Vito Selma.

Tatang’s Lechon Belly
(across Pino Restaurant) Wilson St., Apas, Lahug, Cebu City
Contact: (032) 316 4719 or 0916 226 9946

photo from Tatang's Facebook page

         Some people say you cannot put whole lechon and boneless lechon belly under the same category because they somehow don’t have the same taste profile. There’s something about boneless lechon and lechon with bones. Well, I think I agree because the lechon belly is entirely the meaty trunk of the pig stuffed with herbs and spices and roasted whole; there must be a certain, different technique in cooking this innovation. Among the lechon belly players that emerged during its boom last year, Tatang’s has come out as the strongest contender, rolling out probably the crispiest skin and juicy, fragrant, and extra flavorful meat.

2) BBQ
Next to lechon baboy, I think barbecue is an emperor in itself, ruling the streets at sundown. It’s almost impossible to resist these smoky morsels as soon as your nose catches the aroma wafting through the air, as if the burning charcoal is calling you. I love barbeque, particularly chicken barbecue. 
           Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Mandaue City, Cebu

            Having mentioned chicken barbecue, this is by far the best chicken barbecue joint in Cebu. This single, home-based establishment never runs out of customers as soon as they open. They’re only open for lunch and dinner and you’d be amazed how people from all walks of life – office workers, students, families, managers and big corporate personalities – would flock over and devour their consistently tasty offerings. Their balbacua (gelatinous, velvety beef skin stewed in a viscous, yellow-green broth) is also a must try but like all popular restaurants, it’s best to be there as early as possible to get dibs on the complete lineup. ;)

Yakski Barbecue
268-B, Don Mariano Cui St., Capitol, Cebu City
Facebook: Yakski Barbecue
0917 322 5754 or (032) 254 3977

photos from Yakski Facebook page

          While most tourists are so eager to visit Larsian’s, I would prefer to recommend Yakski’s for its cleaner, more comfortable ambience and service. Locals would say Larsian’s is more of a heritage site for tourists to be spotted at but Yakski’s has better barbecue and this is where most of the locals go for barbecue within the area. The main difference is in the sauce. Yakski’s teriyaki-like sauce is very distinct and will keep you coming back.

3) Azul
       Streets of Asilo, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City             
      Facebook: Azul Cebu

 photo from buyincebu.blogspot.com

photo from sugbu.ph

TUSLOB BUWA – this has got to be the most unique food item that Cebu has to offer. What once was poor man’s fare, formerly only found in Pasil, is now a popular trend that many quickly caught on to. But the man who spearheaded this trend, Ian Sekong, is the brainchild of Azul, the place that set the flame ablaze.

I personally like to describe this as Cebu’s very own version of fondue. Instead of dipping bread cubes into melted cheese, puso replaces the bread cubes and is dipped into pork brain paste cooked in its broth, seasoned with chicken liver, onion, dried shrimps, and soy sauce. You can also request for chili flakes to add some heat, which is what I prefer to do. The best part is, you get to cook it yourself; experiential dining at its best! Well, if you can’t, you don’t have to break a sweat. The waiters can do it for you. ;)

4) Orange Karenderia
      La Guardia St., Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
      Facebook: Orange Karenderia
      0917 721 0923

photo from Orange Karenderia Facebook page

photo from zerothreetwo.com

If you like Crispy Pata (deep-fried whole pork limb), you’ll be amazed how Orange Karenderia’s Crispy Buntot tastes very identical to its red meat counterpart. It’s no wonder then that their flagship dish is dubbed as the “Crispy Pata of the Sea”. This was easily a favorite for my family when I treated them for lunch during my birthday last year. I also love how this establishment innovated the carenderia concept, taking it to a higher level with cleaner, modern interiors. Other favorite dishes are their Larang, Betsy’s Garlic Chicken, Pinakbet, and Sinuglaw.

5) Doming’s
      Fairlane Village, Guadalupe, Cebu City
     (032) 255 7399

photo from caloycebu.blogspot.com

Something unique in Cebu is also our ngohiong. This is somewhat like a fried spring roll but has a distinctly thick, coarse wrapper and stuffed with seasoned bamboo shoots, vegetables, sometimes with ground pork, and a special sauce. Doming’s is a notorious hole-in-the-wall in Fairlane Village, Guadalupe known for their crispy, tasty ngohiong and fried native chicken.

They are only open for lunch, thus the wave of zombies diners attacking the place as early as possible. The waiting line is really long and the setting isn’t very sanitary and comfortable, so I suggest it’s best to call in your orders ahead and just have it for take out or take home. 

6) Parrt Ebelle
      North Reclamation Area, Cebu City

photo from babsytababsy.wordpress.com

photo from foodspotting.com

Cebu has a particularly distinct meal called SuTuKil or STK, which stands for Sugba (grill), Tuwa (soup), Kilaw (ceviche – fresh, raw fish cooked in the vinegar it is poured). This is one of the most commonly recommended dishes for tourists. This is actually a compound term for the trio of dishes prepared from one fish, usually from Tanguige (Mackerel), Mol-mol (Parrot Fish) or Lamon-lamon (Blackspot Tuskfish). It is an interesting display of skill in preparing different dishes from just one main ingredient.

             My family’s favorite STK joint is Parrt Ebelle. What makes them stand out is their use of commercially rare, huge deep-sea fish such as Mamsa, Tasik, and Rumpi. My dad’s choice is Tasik for any of the Sutukil dishes because of its fine, flaky meat that remains juicy whether in soup or grilled. He frequents Parrt Ebelle for their tinola which only fares for P50 per serving. I, on the other hand, am a big fan of their steak-like, juicy grilled fish. Steak-like, because each serving is at least 2 inches thick and about 5 inches in length. It’s good for 2-3 persons.  

            It’s best to go there during lunchtime and be early so you won’t have difficulty getting a table. :)

         You may read more about it on Sunstar's website by my favorite writer and editor, Luis Quibranza III. :)

            I know most people aren’t here just for the weekend so I hope this comprehensive list will help you make your stay worthwhile. Have fun! Cebu is delicious!

For the local readers, any other places or dishes you’d like to suggest for this list? I’d love to hear from you through comments on this post. :)

To know Cebu, EAT Cebu!”

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