Cebu Secret Chows

           Babe for Food is a proud Cebuana and believes that the best way "to know Cebu is to EAT Cebu." 

           I have posted a list of Cebu's Secret Dining Spots from A-Z and I think writing about each of them will always be a work in progress unless my wallet gets filled up along with me each time I eat but alas, that is only wishful thinking. 

        I decided to put up this page for those who want a new dining experience in Cebu,  away from the crowd in the malls. There is no particular focal cuisine; it's a random directory-type list of some interesting places to dine in Cebu that few know about, even the locals themselves. 

         Criteria for qualification in the list are (either/or):

    • no distinct or clear signage of resto name
    • none to minimal marketing 
    • not located in a major mall

        However, this list doesn't necessarily imply that all the establishments listed are the best places to dine in Cebu. 

         Feel free to invite me or tell me about it if you do visit any of the places on the list that I haven't covered yet. Happy eating! :D

This list will be constantly updated as needed. :)

PINK - been there, done that
BLUE - FEATURED ---> click these to be directed to the write up :)

A - Abaseria Deli & Restaurant
     All Spice Bistro  (CLOSED)

     ALPS Cafe
     Antica Osteria
     Anya's Place
     Amy's Lunchbox

     Bee Hive
     Burrito Babe
     Bucket Shrimps
     Big Tom's Charbroiled Burgers
     Burger Joint

     Corner Bakery
   Captain A's 
     Chosun Chicken 
     Cadi Shack Diner 
     Cafe Racer
     Cafe Caw
     Cafe Georg
     Chez Toztar House of Roasts (closed)
     Chosun Galbi
     Cafe Egao
     Circa 1900

D - Dong Juan

     Dolce Cafe
     Der Kaiserhof
     Delice Gourmet
     Duz Grill
     Darra Cafe

E - Elysa Cafe (CLOSED)     

F - Front Gate
     Firozian Indian Tea House
     Fr. Landz Pizza

G - Giuseppe's

      Gold Mango
      Gibb's Hot Wings

H - Homebakers

I - Indian Curry House

J - Joed's Lutong Hapon

K - Kusina Uno
     Kameyaki Okonomiyaki
     Kusina/Kan-anan ni Nasing

L - La Buona Forchetta di Paolo
     La Bella Napoli
     Little Saigon Big Bangkok
     Llew's Mud Pies

     La Maison Rose
     La Lucha
     La Vie Parisienne

M - Matias
     Mae Krua


     Micky's Japanese Cakes
     MB's Tavern
     Mingnan Chinese Cuisine
   Macaron Tango
     Marjo's Pochero
     Molave Milk Station
     Mexi Mama

N - No. 9

O - One Claypot House
      Oriental Spice Gourmet

P - Paolito's STK
     Parrt Ebelle
     Pearl Meat Shop 
     Pizza Republic 

Q -
     Red House Taiwan Shabu-Shabu
     Rodeo Grill 
     Ramen Kamekichi

S - Simply J's

   Surfin' Ribs
     Soul Bistro
     Sunday 2 pm
     Sweet Incantations

T - Ten Dove St.
   Thirty Kitchen (CLOSED)
     Toppoki Man
     Tymad Bistro
     The Yaki House
     Tinder Box
     The Chillage
     The Suite Room
     Texas Rex Bbq
     Tatang's Lechon Belly 

U -

V - Vibes

W - Wakamatsu Yakiniku

X -

Y - Yum Yum Baboy
      Yumeya Kihei

Z -