Here I Am. What Now?

   So. I FINALLY started a blog page with the hope of sharing my love for the magical world of food. I enjoy sharing to anyone about good food and where to get them. And I’ve always dreamed of being a food columnist and food critic (since the day I learned what these meant). And yes, Gael Greene is the queen. Oh, how I’d love to be her.

   So anyway, as much as I’d love to post something of more sense right now, I’ve got more important matters to attend to. I have to finish this 30-page internship report for school that’s actually long overdue (get this, due 2009. gah.) and I’m taking the IELTS exam this week so just lemme get through this hell and I’ll get right on with my food blogging.

Til the soonest,



babe for food <3


  1. hi! I love your blog! Anyway, how was your IELTS test? where did you review?

    1. Hi Nina! Thank you! I got an 8 for my IELTS test. I just self-reviewed but I applied for the test through Atheneum at Mango Ave. near Jollibee, CIC :)