My L.A. Chef Correspondent

    It all started with a friendship on Facebook in 2009.  He was then a student of Le Cordon Bleu Hollywood and was working for Wolfgang Puck's catering (dang!) AND Marriott (woah! talk about "on a roll". that's 2 jobs AND school for ya). We would just write on each other's walls and comment on photos. Funny we never met while he was still in Cebu but despite that, our friendship budded all from the love of FOOD. This particular man rather dude I take pride in because he's a Cebuano! He graduated with awards in Le Cordon Bleu such as Best Student and Perfect Attendance. Reprezent!

     So with no further ado, foodies, meet Manolo Acha -- Babe for Food's L.A. Chef Correspondent. He will be dishing in simple and easy gourmet recipes you can do at home every week so watch for it! 

       This guy has taught and inspired me a lot, especially on his rare visit here in Cebu last year. He even did a random stint in my kitchen for a night, spontaneously creating a tapas dish. It was spicy marinated cucumber and pork. I wish I could show you the picture but there's something wrong with my cellpone's memory card. 

       Anyway, with this guy, a conversation is endless especially about FOOD. But also about girls. He's a charmer, so beware! You might just get hooked. ;)

A quick overview of Chef Manolo's profile:

Birth date: May 19, 1987
Age: 24
Hometown: Cebu City
Current Residence: California, L.A.
graduated from Le Cordon Bleu California in 2009
- worked in Wolfgang Puck's Catering (Hollywood, California) for 2 years as a prep cook until he was promoted to banquet cook

- catered in New York, Las Vegas, Washington, and Florida

- at the same time, also worked in Warner Center Marriott as a line cook for 3 years and moved up as a lead line cook creating and suggesting menus; also responsible for the entire kitchen when the head chefs are not there

Le Saint Amour
holding a whole rib eye
- currently working at Le Saint Amour French Brasserie (California) starting at the dessert station then moved up to garde manger then on to saute garnishes/grill in a span of 7 months

Le Saint Amour kitchen - small yet kick-ass!
- trained, learned menus and cook under American renowned Chef Walter Manzke, founder of Patina Restaurant Group and owner of famous restaurant Church and State in downtown L.A.  
Chef Walter and his Filipina wife Marge
Marge was the former pastry chef of famous American restaurant Bastide.

Jon Butler
Jon Butler is Walter Manzke's right hand man and trusted sous chef. He previously worked in world renowned best restaurant of the year (NOMA; 2 michelin stars) in Copenhagen, Sweden. He is Manolo's good friend, mentor and other boss.   

     Young as he is, Chef Manolo is working his way up quickly and I wouldn't be surprised if he turns up at Top Chef. He is living my dream. 

      Some pics of me and Chef Manolo hanging out when he came to visit Cebu. Thanks for visiting me almost everyday, Ach! And for the Wolfgang Puck jacket and Le Bernardin book! You're the best! :D

Babe for Food, Manolo, Nikki Ong

angel wing shells at Pier One, Parkmall
me and Manolo having angel wing shells for dinner

"I picked up pieces from my shattered heart, ground it up to dust, and then sprinkled it into my food. I love cooking, and you have to dine your way through so I could love you." - Manolo Acha

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