Fresh Friendship

     I'd love to introduce to you my new circle of friends from college. These guys know and witness first hand what a pig I am during lunch and snack breaks. :D
Say hello to:
Carl Te, Natasha Yap, Jillian Reyes
It's been a month since we've been hanging out but we never got to hang out besides school. So we finally planned to do some bonding yesterday after our morning class. Jillian is actually my partner-in-crime when it comes to eating. We were craving for Chosun Chicken, this Korean chicken restaurant (part of my Cebu Secret Chows list) and planned for us to have lunch there. We all rode in her car with her driver and headed to Mango Square where one of the branches is located. We were not satisfied with the ambience and setting so I suggested we dine at the Lahug branch instead. Natasha seemed to know where it was so I just left the giving of directions to her but we arrived at the wrong place! LOL. So I gave the directions and we were already starving. There was a bit of traffic as well. When we arrived, the place was CLOSED. Talk about EPIC FAIL. Lol. 

We decided to eat at Sunburst Ayala instead. We ordered two quadro's of drumsticks and a platter of rice. If you think this was enough, I actually still wanted more. :D

     The highlight of this day, aside from finally getting to hang out outside of school, was that Jillian had a coupon for 3 free scoops of Gelatissimo!!! 

I COULD DIE! We got veronese chocolate, choc mint and lemon cheesecake. All sooooo good! Veronese is my favorite and choc mint is the new favorite!!! Thanks to Jillian!!! :D

3 scoops costs just 180 php and the four of us could already share this so we all agreed on having a gelatissimo day once a month. We set gelatissimo day every last saturday of the month so we're having another one for this month! :D

After a few mins. of chatting with each other, we found this cup empty. It was like waking up from a dream. It vanished as quickly as we got it. 

This was a great day despite the epic food trip fail. Looking forward to our gelatissimo day every month! :D

Babe for Food
your new BFF in Cebu dining


  1. you've replaced me </3 hehe jk i miss you already love!

  2. Waaahh... That looks so yummy!!! :)


  3. I love gelatissimo in macadamia caramel. Super yummy treats over here! -Mar

  4. @LBSfashion: i'm still missing you, love! you know i can't have you everyday. :(

    @Daphne: i knooww! looking at all the flavors makes you wanna have a scoop of each one. hahaha.

    @Mar: Yes, yes. So hard to choose a flavor each time. :)

  5. awwwww, looks like you made fast friends in college! glad you're adjusting well, jus! and yes, gotta love some gelatissimo!

    miss you!


  6. Hey, Eden! Yes, I'm so blessed to have these guys as my closest friends in college. You'll be seeing more of them in my blog because they love food as much as I do. Hehe.

    I miss you, too! Hope to see you around soon. :)