It's L.A. Time!!! #4: Umami Burger

Hmmm... I think I have a burgerful post for this week. :)

Our busy busy chef is back for his scoop of what's buzzing all the way from L.A. Let's see what he's got for us. 
First of all, I have to apologize to those that wanted to come with,and those that I had made plans to come here with! I wasn't thinkin and went on a last minute celebration dinner with the roommates.
BUT, lets put it this way;
I'm not coming back here for a while, not unless a friend REALLY REALLY wants to try it and begs me to come with... I got my fill....
It would be selfish to say that it is one of the best burgers in America since I have not had every burger served in America.
I had the UMAMI BURGER (medium rare), thin fries,an ALLAGASH BLACK and the Singha Beer. It was the KOMBU MEAL #1 (Umami Burger, thin fries and lager).
The Umami Burger as promised is served with oven-roasted tomatoes, caramelized onion (barely tasted mine), shiitake mushrooms ( I got 1 little one, so I wouldnt say mushrooms) and parmesan frico (crisps), and served on a very greasy and delicious buttery tasting bun. It looks like a krabby patty which I have been craving since the day I started watching spongebob squarepants. It's not what I imagined but it wasnt bad at all ;)
Unfortunately, I would have to eat two of these or go when I am not hungry in order to feel full after my meal; they were very small.
*****OK, i just realized why PERHAPS my burger wasnt UMAMI...
Foods naturally high in umami content include Parmesan, shiitake mushrooms, soya sauce (the naturally fermented variety) and all the fermented oriental fish sauce products. Also, asparagus, tomatoes, meat and cheese.
My roommate said his burger was delicious but he had one big CD sized shiitake mushroom in his burger; mine was a quarter sized mushroom.... my taste buds did not catch that. Also, my single tiny oven-roasted tomato was a little lost in the burger. Perhaps you need to be able to taste all of these umami-filled ingredients to get the full effect?? I dont know... It still wouldnt drag us out to the Los Feliz Area during traffic hour. And we all agreed on this, not just me. My roommate also said he'd take Father's Office burgers any day over the Umami Burger.
It was very juicy and good but it was nothing special, nothing that made it eye-rollingly good but it was still a very very good burger...
I still dont know how I feel about the parmesan frico on the burger though,
that was on my mind for a while after I finished my burger.
I like seeing the melted cheese on the meat and love the taste even more, so it threw me off seeing a thin crisp over my patty. This wasnt bad at all; it was a very nice taste.
The thin fries were nothing special, they were between McDonalds fries and InNout. They were crispy but not enough salt for my taste.
The UMAMI KETCHUP...not my favorite, tasted like marinara sauce more than anything.
Their mustard was very good, but then again,mustard can never be bad.
THE beer selection is awesome...good happy hour deals as well...
Maybe you can come with me to the next place I check out...


  1. where's this resto? I wanna try this out. :) Thanks for posting.

  2. Hi, this is at L.A. Are you from L.A.? I'll have to ask Chef Manolo for exact details so you can go visit. :)