Red Hot Double D. Double Dare Challenge


Dong Juan is stirring up the city with a burger eating challenge called the 
"Dong Juan Red Hot Double D, Double Dare Challenge"

It's rare to find eating challenges in Cebu so this is really interesting and I'm definitely up for it; not exactly to bring home the bacon (although that would be totally awesome) but at least experience it. 

The challenge imposes one to devour a DOUBLE PATTY chili burger as fast as possible. Looks like it's about who has the biggest mouth and most calloused tongue. :))

The challenge was launched last October 20 and lasts til November 30. And the first record was set at 2 mins 46 secs by a team member of the Cebu Red Dragons. And the latest update stated that the new record is 1 min 44 secs! *Gulp! Battle is on from 2-5 pm at all branches - One Mango, Persimmon and Guadalupe. 

The last time I ate here (at the Persimmon), I had their chili burger and it definitely stung my nose and tongue. And that was the regular serving. Imagine one with a double patty and added chili! Let's see how this goes for me. 

I'll be taking the challenge on Monday, Oct. 31. I'm pretty nervous about it but I also wanna represent the girls team. They say that I'll be the first female to participate so far. I'm gonna need Adam Richman from Man Vs. Food for this. I'll try to get some strategies from him.  ;)

Wish me the best! Hope you guys could be there to cheer me on and watch me unleash my piggy powers. Or better yet, join me in the challenge! :3 

photo by: Barney Borja

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