4th Annual Best Cebu Blog Awards

I've been blogging for around 7 months now and it's been really fun so far. No regrets. I believe this is truly something I've always wanted to do. What was initially just an outlet for my gibberish on food and eating has now become my memory bank and has developed a deeper sense of nationalism in me for Cebu and the Philippines. I hope my readers and everyone else can see (or read) that in my writing. 

Being a competitive and adventurous person, I decided to nominate my blog for the Best Cebu Blog Awards this year on http://www.bestcebublogs.com/ although I think it was quite late because the nomination and voting started in October and I nominated mine in November close to the end of the voting period. Haha. So basically, I really didn't expect anything out of it. I just thought it was worth a try. Until....

I got an email from Best Cebu Blogs inviting me to the awards night which is later today at SM Conference Hall 5 pm. This was definitely a lovely surprise! 

Thank you, dear readers and to everyone else who voted for me. I'm happy enough to be a finalist, one of 40 over more than a hundred bloggers. Incredible! I made it under the food and personal category. :)

I was told to prepare a speech in case I win but I haven't prepared anything because I don't really know what to say. Haha. I really hope to make it to the top ten! 

Winners will be given trophies, certificate of recognition and a brand new Nokia unit and Globe Tattoo!  
glass trophies for each category/niche!
Aside from that, top 1-5 will be given Timex wrist watches and top 6-10 will be given GT cosmetics. 
Sounds awesome! 

Here are the sponsors:
Gold sponsors

Silver sponsors

Bronze sponsors

Donor Sponsor 

Online Media Partner

I would just like to thank the sponsors and the great people behind CBS and best cebu blogs. Keep it up! Do Cebu proud! :)

See you guys at the Awards! :)

Babe For Food
your new BFF in Cebu dining!


  1. hey Justinne, congratulations!

  2. Hi Babe for Food....gogogogogo! Old or new, there are a lot of opportunities around! as long as we are happy blogging what we love blogging!

    Congratulations in advance....

  3. Hi, Red. Great blog you have there, too. Hope to see you in next year's awards. Thanks for dropping by! :D

  4. Nice blog! How was the Awards night? I was looking forward to it, but I didn't make it though.

  5. Hi, Synz! Congrats on being a finalist too! I think you won something, right? Hehe. I will be posting about the Awards night when I can. It's just a really busy week for me right now. It was alright, though. It's considerably well organized. I just wish the prizes were better. Haha. :)

  6. congrats, babe! and kidnap me kung ganahan ka naa tig tilaw :()

  7. Lol! Thanks, Miss East. Haha. Would def love to go on a food trip with you sometime! :)

  8. Hello Justinne!
    I looove your blog. I also incorporated a little food blog into my fashion blog but I'm not soo good at it pa. You are a natural babe! :))
    Looking forward to your posts. Hope to see you soon, fellow Cebuana! :)

  9. Hi, Angeli!

    Thank you so much. I love your blog, too. I dig your fashion sense. Looking forward to reading your food blog posts, too. And def hope to see you around. Don't hesitate to approach me or anything. Hehe. Happy new year! :)