It was love at first sight. And first bite.

A marriage of two components that give a unique and interesting texture and a play of color and flavors.

Mochi + ice cream = mochi ice cream

Mochi ice cream is plain/flavored ice cream enclosed in a glutinous rice sheet (like tikoy), a creation of the Japanese, enjoyed as dessert or a cool afternoon snack. There are endless variations in the flavor of ice cream and there should be a proportional balance between the wrapper and the ice cream. This should also be served or eaten at the right temperature (when you press down the mochi lightly and it dents) for maximum satisfaction.  

La Marea was the first to introduce mochi ice cream to Cebu. They have 6 flavors and each costs P60. I immediately fell in love with this frozen concoction since my first encounter and my favorite was the green tea flavor. But now, they have competition. 

Mochiko, a Manila-based mochi ice cream specialist has finally arrived in Cebu at the Ayala Active Zone, beside Tablea Cafe. They just opened this month, during Sinulog. And since I noticed their stall, it's been on my wishlist. 
Yesterday, during lunch break from school, Chin2x and I agreed to have lunch at KFC Ayala. And then we wanted dessert and I remembered Mochiko. 

They had a cute photo wall with pictures from Manila and Cebu patrons. Spot celebrities and friends on this poster. 
They have thrice as much flavors as La Marea and each is sold at P 70 or P 400 for a box of 6. These are packed individually in plastic, convenient for take out like strolling around the mall with this to cool you down. Their bestsellers are black sesame, green tea, cookie dough and azuki. We chose the black sesame though everything looked so enticing. I wish I could try all the flavors someday. 
It was definitely worth it and I'd say more worth it than La Marea. Their mochi is thicker and the black sesame ice cream surprised us with bits of something like Butterfinger. Luscious! 

me so happy with my mochiko!

La Marea's green tea mochi ice cream
  One mochiko in a day would make my day! Haha. 

Mochiko is located at the 2nd floor of the Ayala Active Zone, beside Tablea Cafe and across Persian Palate.

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  1. The Black Sesame is awesome! Cool sweet treat!

  2. Yeah! Do you eat mochiko at manila too? :)

  3. Yup, can't seem to resist it every time I pass by Mercato Centrale at The Fort...good stuff!

  4. Haha! Nice. Always a victim. :)