Strawberry Love

         If you know me well enough, I'm such a sucker for STRAWBERRIES. Baguio is my dreamland in the Philippines because it's the only place where strawberries can thrive. I still dream of trying the strawberry taho (soy pudding) and strawberry dirty ice cream there. Mmmm...

           Since Baguio isn't near enough for me to visit anytime I want, I'll have to settle for whatever treats I find good enough here in Cebu. And this obsession is no fickle matter; I could have strawberries every day if it were possible. 

These are what I treated myself to for two consecutive days...  

Krispy Kreme
        The hot and fresh sign was flashing at the I.T. Park branch! Hallelujah! My feet instantly trodded down and I found myself in the sweet atmosphere of the donut haven. In the knick of time, they were just bringing out the Strawberry Cheesecake variety and I didn't have to think of my choice anymore. No second thoughts, all green lights! And like it couldn't get any sweeter than that, I got my free glazed donut, too! I think that moment was meant for me. :D  
Dessert Factory
        I rarely hang out at this confection factory as a guilt-streak prevention measure because once the sweet tooth mode is activated, the whole week's worth of working out at the gym will might as well have to have never happened. O_O

           So anyway, like I've said before and will always stand by, I'd USUALLY pick fruits over chocolate desserts. So for this night, I chose Strawberry Dream - triple layer chocolate cake, strawberry mousse, topped with peach slices and fresh strawberries. This was a really pleasant one - light yet very satisfactory. Fresh strawberries always make me happy. :D

And that's my strawberry love story. :D

To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Whoa, that strawberry cheesecake from KK looks delicious! Will do a quick KK drive through later...

    1. Irresistible!!! Beats any chocolate variety anytime. :))

  2. I'm drooling for the Strawberry Dream! :-P~~

    1. Go grab one! I love that Dessert Factory is a more affordable indulgence than La Marea and just as satisfactory. :D