God+Diva = Godiva

                    The first time I met Godiva chocolate was in Hong Kong way back when I was in grade school. It had a huge outlet and as a kid, all I knew was, chocolate was chocolate and I love it. This store had me mesmerized at all the many different chocolates displayed, not to mention truffles that I didn't recognize back then. 

             Cutting to the chase, Mom has a steady supply of treats from her patients and clients, consequently making us (the family) the beneficiary. One of the recent ones was a sultry Godiva chocolate bar, so seductive I couldn't help but undress it from its wrapper and take a bite. Mmmm. 

the god and diva of chocolates <3
dark chocolate with chocolate souffle filling!
                 This was no ordinary chocolate bar... I am scarred for life. Chocolate souffle filling in dark chocolate truffle! 

oink oink,
Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. This looks awesome! Something I want just about now...

    1. Haha. Looking at it now makes me crave... Huhu!