BFF Anniversary Giveaways!

             So sorry for the much overdue post but I've just really been caught up with events. Anyway, here's the giveaway I promised for my anniversary! This is my way of giving back to my readers who have motivated me to stay around and keep sharing what I love. :D

So, what's up for grabs? I've got...

 - (1) P500 gift card from Cafe Elysa (click here to read a post about this place)
 - (6) free admission tickets to Red Box 
entitles the bearer to a free primetime performance worth P399 any day of the week from 7pm-12mn

  - (2) half dozen boxes of BFF's mini red velvet cupcakes
 - (8) BFF triple choco brownies

Just follow these three simple steps:

1. Like Babe for Food's Facebook page -- http://www.facebook.com/babeforfood (if you haven't).

2. Share your favorite blog post from BFF on Facebook and tag Babe for Food and two of your friends so they can also join the giveaway if they want.

3. Follow Babe for Food on Twitter -- https://twitter.com/#!/babeforfood and tweet "happy 1st anniv, babe!" with the hashtag #BabeForFood. :D

It should look like this: "@babeforfood happy 1st anniv, babe! #BabeForFood"

If you got all that, then you're all set! :D

         I will be segregating the prizes to 3 winners. The Cafe Elysa gift card will go to ONE winner and the two other winners will be picked out randomly and will each have 3 Red Box tickets, 1 box of half a dozen red velvets and 4 brownies.

         Since the Cafe Elysa gift card is only one, and special as it is, there'll be a slight modification in the mechanics for this. The reader should give his/her BEST REASON for wanting the gift card by COMMENTING ON THIS POST. I will then pick out the winner for the most deserving answer. :D   

         Special thanks to Ms. Joy Uy and Mr. Stephen Aznar from Cafe Elysa for the gift card and to Evanjohnn Mendoza of focalglass.com for the Red Box tickets! The support is much appreciated! 

         Cafe Elysa is a lovely pocket resto and art gallery in downtown Cebu that welcomes wanderers and guests with travel-inspired dishes that have a deep touch of locality. They use fine, fresh ingredients. I personally love their fresh tomato and basil pasta, Cafe Elysa spring rolls and I heard their pancit is a must try too! The ambience disillusions you away from Cebu and towards a somewhat Mediterranean atmosphere. Winning the giveaway would be a great way for you to try their interesting dishes. 

BFF is not THAT big of a shot yet so for now, this giveaway is only available to readers from Cebu City. 

Promo runs today til June 15. Winners will be drawn manually and randomly on June 16.  Hope you guys would participate! :D

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Haha Mo join ko! hahaha. Pwede?


  2. Joined! I did it all! Hoping to win the RedBox Tix:)

    1. Great! Thanks! Let's hope for all the best. God bless! :D

  3. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  4. Joined!

    Happy anniversary, BFF!

    1. There are no upcoming events in my life in the next few months, rendering me most worthy of the gift card.

      However, if I do win it, it is definitely going to make another ordinary day special for me and my partner-in-crime. I have passed by the cafe for a couple of times but was unfortunately broke. Their food look delish (per your post about the place), but they might be too costly for me to simply barge in. The gift cards are surely going to make the whole dining experience less expensive and more fun :)

      Hope to win it :)

  5. happy anniversary babeforfood, keep blogging... 'coz im always reading... :D

  6. Happy Anniversary! ^_^ wish i've done something like this when my blog turned one. haha unfortunately im not that active in posting since im too engrossed with school stuff. (not at all nerdy! LOL)

    i pass by Cafe Elysa almost everyday, and i haven't really tried their food yet. too bad, im not the FIRST to comply with the mechanics. :/ but i'm still entering your giveaway! HAHA

    i've done all three. :)

    FB Shared: https://www.facebook.com/aldelei/posts/366827146705375

    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/aldelei89/status/210059732969463809

    1. That's alright, there's always another anniv for you. ;)

      Thanks! You're making me reconsider the mechanics for that special Cafe Elysa gift card. Hmmm... Haha. ;)

  7. Hey Justinne~ My boyfriend linked me to your blog and I've been reading all morning hihi. Love your reviews, very helpful since we love to find hidden/unknown restaurants ourselves~ Happy anniversary~!!!

    We're in a LDR :( but I'm spending my summer here in Cebu :). Our anniversary is also coming up (June 13) as well as my birthday, and Cafe Elysa would be the perfect place to celebrate. <3 We've recently heard about the place and your review just made me want to try it out even more. It would be amazing to win your Cafe Elysa GC!

    1. nyahaha! na unhan jud ko da!

      yes babeforfood!! it would really make our anniversary or her birthday (june 23) very memorable!!

      p.s. reading your blog makes my mouth water everytime..

    2. Awww! This is so cute! You both are such a sweet couple and I do hope you'll have a great day on your birthday and anniv. Let's just hope for the best. ;)

      Thanks for the blog love! :D

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  9. I really wanna win the Cafe Elysa gift card, however, reading from the previous posts here makes me upset and accept reality that I couldn't. They all have good reasons to win this thing, but me? None that I can think of.

    My only reason for wanting the gc is very shallow. I simply want to try the dishes they offer. Do they offer unique dishes that would make me wanna come back and treat my family for dinner or is this just one of those overrated restos?

    1. Aaww... Don't lose hope, Ma Nel. Hehe. If ever you don't win the gc though, I would still strongly recommend the resto. Really good food. You can tell it's got love in each recipe. ;)

  10. Wow! Everybody wants to win the Cafe Elysa Gift Card! I should also try to give the best reason..hehehe

    It would be best to celebrate Father's Day on Cafe Elysa. As a family, we (or is it only me) really wanted to try out anything new. This is new for us, plus the fact that it is in downtown Cebu, where you can see Pari-an and other old structures that will remind you of Old Spanish Period in Cebu.

    Even if I don't win this, I hope I can win the raffle! hehehe.. if not, I would just have to order! :) more power!!

  11. Ineng :D! I have this friend who don't really care of what kind of food does he eat as long as it makes him full okay nana. I want to bring him there to let him understand why i love food :D But I don't have enough budget for the two of us. So the gift card will be a very great help :D

    That's my reason. :D well If given the chance to win why not? No harm in risking and trying :P :*