Treasured Recipes at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

         On another culinary journey at Marco Polo, they bring us "Treasured Recipes" from two legendary culinary icons of Cebu, Madame Teresin Mendezona and Madam Tina Ebrada. 

         I was invited to the launching last Friday, June 8. Ah yes, another time to mingle with food bloggers and indulge in five star food. Nom nom! :D

         Guests were welcomed with fresh lemonade (I loved it and wanted more! So refreshing!) and carrot cake. 

          Before entering into the garden-like Cafe Marco, GM Hans Hauri made a welcome speech and passed on the introduction honors to Ms. Jessica Avila, the food consultant of Marco Polo. She introduced her dear friends who worked with the chefs of Marco Polo to give Cebu a taste of their heirloom recipes only at the hotel's buffet. 

Marco Polo GM Hans Hauri
Ms. Jessica Avila
"My grandmother once told me that cooking is an art and eating is a habit."
"Cooking is not only a fine preparation for marriage but an inheritance sthat stays on for generations to come."
I couldn't have agreed more. Very well said by Ms. Jessica Avila.

legendary culinary icons Madame Teresin Mendezona, Madame Tina Ebrada and Ms. Jessica Avila with GM Hans Hauri and the culinary team of Marco Polo

         Senyora Teresin Mendezona is a Cebuana with Spanish and Palestinian roots. She is known for her impeccable event organizing skills where traces of her intricacies are found even in the minute details such as the flowers to the table cloth.  

         Madame Tina Ebrada is an Ilongga by birth and Cebuana by heart. She is the founder of Golden Cowrie, one of the best Filipino restaurants in the country.  

             We were then encouraged to scour the buffet at Cafe Marco for the treasured recipes from these two amazing women, much like a treasure hunt for recipes supposedly exclusive to their own home kitchens. 

Mammol, the date cookie :D
Said to be an heirloom recipe from Madame Teresin's Palestinian grandmother
a lovely "date" with coffee

            My favorite among all the dishes had to be the Baked Tahong of Madame Tina Ebrada. There was just something about it that lingered in my tongue and is now buried in memory til the next time I taste something similar. It is now my basis for standards on baked tahong. 

            The rich Cassava Bibinkga of Madame Teresin Mendezona, which Madame Amparito Lhuiller enthusiastically encouraged me to try (since it was her best friend's dish), was also a sweet surprise. I have never tasted anything like it and I loved how it melted in my mouth. 

           My, was I awed by these women. Just the fact that I was tasting their dishes was so surreal and it was such an honor. How I wish I could be like them when I grow to be their age. 

          This is definitely a promo you shouldn't miss at the Marco Polo. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to taste some signature dishes from notable socialites and culinary legends of Cebu. Treasured Recipes by Marco Polo's Culinary Journey runs from June 8 - 17, 2012.

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To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D

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  1. Delicious blog babe for food. Thanks for gracing our affair. :-) And it's lovely to note you're highly appreciating the experience. The two Culinary Icons we've featured are truly very inspiring.

    Until the next Culinary Journey!*

    Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

    1. Thanks for dropping a comment. Truly honored to be invited to your events. Keep the culinary journey going! Definitely Cebu's pride.