Nestle Chocolate Donuts

                You know them Nestle chocolates right? I'm sure we all have one or few of our own favorites from this brand. If you know me well enough, Kitkat is my favorite cheap (compared to Belgian chocolates and Ferrero and y'know) chocolate. Kitkat Dark is the perfect seduction for a sweet break. 

             Speaking of, Krispy Kreme happens to have a new collection with Nestle chocolates. These are the superstars -- Kitkat, Crunch, Butterfinger and Baby Ruth. Mmmm.

(Sorry for the bad picture; I've been making my phone handy for my food spottings.)  

                        Let's cut to the chase... Butterfinger and Crunch were my selections for the day, along with a cup of Hot Americano. They looked more tempting than Kitkat but I wanna go back for it soon. Sorry I didn't get to take photos. I was too excited.

                   However, to my disappointment, it was one of those "looks can be deceiving" moments. The chocolate bread was bland. Like seriously, it was like a dead donut to me. But Mr. Butterfinger was the better half of the choices. It has a vanilla frost filling.  In this case, I wished I stuck with the original glazed. But I wanna give this collection another chance and see if Kitkat could save it. 

Til then, lemme know your take on this lineup. ;)

oink oink,

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- your BFF in Cebu dining! :) 

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