Chatime Cebu

        I first read about Chatime on Shoot First Eat Later, a Manila-based blog. I was in Hong Kong during the last week of May and I found Chatime at the airport but unfortunately, the group was in a rush to check in the hotel and I didn’t get to find it again anywhere else.

         Chatime is a superstar  tea shop (if it's in the HK airport, then it must be something, right?) from Taiwan and has made it to international shores. Finally, it’s here in Cebu! I was there during the first day of the soft opening last month with Kazoot, one of my best friends in culinary school who just came back from working in a cruise ship.   

            The moment you enter the shop, you are greeted cheerfully and unanimously by the staff, "Welcome to Chatime!". The interior is bright and quite dainty, a dollhouse feel with the purple and pink theme. The seats are plush and outlets are conveniently provided beside the long tables for you to charge your gadgets for free while enjoying your drink. :)

           Here, you can moderate the ice content of your drink and the sweetness level. At the counter, you will find a list of the top ten drinks they serve. I chose the Yogurt Lychee QQ since it looked irresistible. I could try the milk tea some other time because I'd definitely go back. I wanna finish that list to find out which one I like best. ;)

             Kazoot, on the other hand, got the Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Top 10 Bestsellers: 1) Pearl Milk Tea, 2) Chocolate Mousse, 3) Chatime Roasted Milk Tea, 4) Red Bean Milk Tea, 5) Taro Milk Tea, 6) QQ Milk Tea, 7) Grass Jelly Milk Tea, 8) Yogurt Lychee QQ, 9) Banana Milk Tea, 10) Mango Green Tea
          After several returns, I've tried the Chatime Milk Tea, Chatime Roasted Milk Tea, Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Slush. Of all the top 10 drinks I've tried so far, Yogurt Lychee QQ is still my favorite. It's the most refreshing drink I've ever had and I love nibbling on the pearl-coco jelly combo. . :)

All in large: Yogurt Lychee QQ - P95 (mine) and Grass Jelly Milk Tea - P85 (Kazoot's)

            The menu offers a wide variety of Mellow Milk Teas, Smoothie Series, QQ Jelly (QQ = black pearls + coconut jelly), Oriental Pop Tea, Chatime Mousse, Fresh Tea, Energetic Healthy Juice, Coffee/Hot Drinks, Chatime Special Mix, and Chatime EATS for some snacks to go with your drinks. 

              All milk teas come with one free topping. You can choose from pearl, grass jelly and pudding. You can also add an extra serving of these for only P15. Other toppings you could  add are mousse, coffee jelly, coco jelly, rainbow jelly, red bean, and aloe vera for P20.

                If you get hungry, they also have the right fix for that. This is the only the tea shop I know that serves rice. Chatime EATS are Annatto Pilaf Rice - P18 (like Java rice), Chicken Chops - P75, and French Fries - P65(available in Parmesan Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, and Barbecue).

            The Chicken Chops have such a crunchy coating. I'm sure it matches well with the Annatto Pilaf Rice. And the french fries, they're thick and crispy. The serving is also quite big, a great value for the price. I like the barbecue and cheddar cheese flavors best. :)

Salt n Pepper Chicken Chops - P75
French Fries - P65
Flavors: Cheddar Cheese, Parmesan Cheese, Barbecue
(served individually per flavor)

              So far, Chatime is a favorite hangout of many for its refreshing drinks and comfy and posh ambience. Today's the grand opening at 1 pm and there's gonna be a secret celebrity! They will be launching new promos, and products, so don't miss it! :)

eBloc 2, Asiatown IT Park,
Salinas Dr., Lahug, Cebu City

Operating Hours:       Mon - Thurs       11 AM - 12 MN
                                Fri & Sat            11 AM - 1 AM
                                Sun                    11 AM - 11 PM

Facebook: facebook.com/chatimecebu
Twitter: @ChatimePH

" To know Cebu, eat Cebu!" :D

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. I'm at IT park often and karon ra ko kabalo naay Chatime didto hahaha thanks to this post! :D

    1. Woah! Hahaha! At least timing ra for the grand opening. Don't miss it, I think bongga2x ni kay live ang Y101 ngadto. Too bad I can't be there though cuz I have exams. Boo.

      Enjoy! :D

  2. Me too, working here in IT but just knew about Chatime coz of ur blog. Thanks.

  3. Hello! Were you at the grand opening? :)

    1. Hi!

      Unfortunately not because I had exams that day. :(

      Were you? :)

    2. Aw. :( We were! :) Actually I was one of those who won in Chatime's barkada photo contest! :) We always refer to your blog posts whenever we want to pig out! Continue your passion and love for food. :)

      Jade ♥

      You may visit me here :)Thanks!

    3. Oh, cool! Congrats! Thanks so much for the encouragement. I needed them. Your blog's an entertaining read, too. Keep it up! :D

  4. Justinne! I was so happy when Chatime opened in Cebu! But sad at the same time 'cause I was already away in Leyt. Nevertheless, I make it a point to always visit there when I'm in Cebu! Good read!


    1. Hey Nikki!

      Aaww! Didn't know you're not living here anymore. :(

      Thanks for dropping by! Read your nice blog, too! :D

  5. Sayang you weren't there during the opening! Will definitely invite you next time! :)


    1. Yeah! I wonder who the secret celebrity was. Haha. Sure! Thanks! :D

  6. Hello, visit Jelly Citea Milk Tea and Coffee at Raintree Mall Lahug for an extra-ordinary milk tea experience. I recommend you to try Paris, New York, Tokyo, Wintermelon Milk Tea, Caramel Milk Tea and Okinawa.

    This is the best tasting milk tea ever. And i am so addicted to it. They also have 50% discount promo on metro deal.


    1. Hi,

      Yes, I've heard of that new tea shop recently. Will visit when I can. Thanks! :)