Islands Pasalubong: Your One-Stop Pasalubong Shop

           There's only one brand that comes to mind when one is looking for souvenir shirts from Cebu -- Islands Souvenirs. Islands Souvenirs has been the top shop to visit for finding apparel that prides in Cebu, especially during Sinulog. This is proven by the strong two decades of their existence which comes to no surprise because they are ever resilient with the trends of the times. 

         Speaking of resilient, they added a retail extension in 2004 to house Cebu's top pasalubong brands and hard-to-find home-made delicacies. This extension is Islands Pasalubong which first opened in Mactan Marina Mall, near the airport and recently opened three more strategic branches in the city --  Archbishop Reyes Ave. (across Ayala), Raintree Mall (Mango Ave.) and Magallanes (near Magellan's cross).

            Islands Pasalubong is a one-stop pasalubong shop that makes pasalubong shopping more fun in Cebu. Now that they have more branches, it's easier for tourists to shop for pasalubong without having to go through long lines in the supermarkets or going around town just to get a variety. 

their branch at Archbishop Reyes Ave. across Ayala Center Cebu

Here's a list of top pasalubong brands and their recommendations:

Top brands:
Shamrock otap/sugbu otap
Titay’s rosquillos
Chilen chicharon
7D dried mangoes
Esther n Guiller danggit and pusit
Home made deli:
Super’s peanut adobo
Islands Recommends:
Chocolate covered dried mango
Mrs. U’s home made sylvannas
RG tablea
Chorizo de Cebu
Villalonga chicharon

            My personal faves are Cebu's Best Mango Chocolate, RG Tablea Truffles, 7D Dried Mangoes and Chilen's Chicharon.

Cebu's Best Mango Chocolate: Belgian chocolate-covered dried mangoes
RG Tablea truffles

            Like I always say, "To know Cebu, eat Cebu!" Thanks to Islands Pasalubong, it's so much easier. This is the best place to go especially when you're rush shopping. Whenever you're leaving Cebu, keep this shop in mind. ;)

Islands Pasalubong


Mactan Marina Mall
Archbishop Reyes Ave. (across Ayala)
Raintree Mall, Mango Ave.
Magallanes (near Magellan's cross)

Operating Hours:   6 AM - 12 MN daily

Facebook: facebook.com/IslandsPasalubong


  1. I was looking for mango chocolate when I went there. :)


    1. I love that! Did you find it? :)

    2. Hello Michy,
      Which branch did you go to? If you're outside Cebu we also take online orders via our facebook page.

  2. They have Mrs U's sylavanas! Yehey!

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  4. Cebu Mango Best Chocolate is available in Pasalubong Philippines Store in Terminal 1 & terminal 3.

  5. Maybe this link could help.
    You can buy assorted delicacies.
    or you can call them for reservation.8326404..
    a one stop shop in terminal 3 Departure Area..Balut is also available.

  6. Hi :),

    How much is the chocolate coated dried mangoes?

    Thanks :)