M Lhuillier Food Products Go Global

         I had the honor of being invited to M Lhuillier Food Products, Inc.'s thanksgiving dinner for the international standard certification of their dried food products one night, courtesy of Dr. Nestor Alonso of Freeman and Patty Taboada of Sun Star. It was held at the Lhuillier's own Filipino fine dining restaurant, Pino!, at Lahug. I was introduced to the royal couple, Senorito Michel and Senorita Amparito Lhuillier. FYI, they are the French ambassadors of the Philippines. It was heart-stopping to actually shake hands and converse (briefly) with these graces whom I only see from a distance during food events at the Marco Polo. They were actually very down-to-earth and accommodating.

Senorito Michel and Senorita Amparito Lhuillier (center) with their son, Charles (rightmost)

            M Lhuillier Food Products, Inc. has been in the export industry with their tropical dried fruit products since 1989 but just recently obtained the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certifications, which deem their standards approvable internationally. They currently export to 11 countries and are  constantly trying to penetrate new market. Now, they can easily export to any country with their international certifications. 

            The only food bloggers present that night aside from myself was Ana Ortiz of The Sweet-toothed Diaries (nice meeting you!), whose blog is part of my blog reads. We were given gift packs filled with the dried food products. Of course, the most popular one is the dried mangoes. 

           I am actually a big fan of dried mangoes and I wish I could have a regular stash of those Belgian chocolate-dipped kinds (too lazy to make my own). I think I've tried all brands of dried mangoes in Cebu so I was curious about this one.  

          They're Dried Mango Delights was my favorite among their products. I was delighted to find that their variety had just the right sweetness to get you eating more. It was also soft to the bite. I love that dried mangoes give us a totally different experience of mangoes -- one of the prized products of Cebu. 

M Lhuillier Food Products are available in Cebu at local grocery stores and souvenir shops. Price range: P10 - P100

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