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             Sorry, this isn't about food but I'd like to share with you a little something from my childhood. I studied classical ballet at Balletcenter, Ayala when I was 3 years old up until I was 14; so, that's more or less 10 years. I had to stop because my high school was never supportive about it (I went to a strict, conservative Chinese Christian school) but mainly because I had to focus on my studies already. I had term paper to put up with.

        Ballet was the root of my fondness for dancing, classical music and the French language. It was my first love and it never wore off. I avoided passing by Balletcenter since I stopped because I would be stricken with remorse and envy. So, when I was recently invited to watch a recital by my former mentor's new school, I was slightly anxious because I knew I'd be very jealous of the dancers but I couldn't turn her down. I wanted to support their first recital -- Stardust.      

            Stardust was performed on March 2, 6 pm at SM Cinema 1. It was the first major recital of Cebu Centre for Dance (CCD), a new dance school that just opened last year summer. The teachers are all from my former school, so you're more than guaranteed to get quality lessons. 

          Stardust is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman's well-loved book of the same title. The first act of the story ballet introduced the Lad and different characters in the marketplace like the townsfolk, their children, The Baker, Tavern Keeper, Mistress Hubbard, Little Bo Peep & the Sheep, the Songbirds and the Fireflies who eventually led the Lad to the Wall, a village bordering Faerie, where the mortal and magical mingle once every nine years in an enchanted meadow to exchange goods. There, the Lad meets enchanting characters and charms such as the Magical Dolls, the Windflowers and the Pixies, Little Stars & the Evil Witch Queen’s Minions. 

            The lead role of the mystical Star was played by Sabrina Ruth Bogard while Chris Manlunas portrayed the Lad, the mortal man in search of his heart's desire.  The sinister role of the Evil Witch Queen was played by Menreeve Canales while Rufo Jeffrey Tapang danced the role of her Lead Minion. Valerie Ypil was the bewitching Lead Pixie, Kaye Lani Deloria as the Magical Bird and Isabel Gapas danced the ethereal role of the Snowdrop. 

*photos from Cebu Centre for Dance  

             It turned out to be a pleasant trip down memory lane with just a tinge of jealousy but I was more proud and happy for the school's first major production. I was impressed by the set on stage, the dazzling costumes, and all the dancers' performance was laudable. It really showed how well the school trains their students. I shed tears of joy for their performance and from the pang of wishing to dance again. Oh, how I miss it!

            If you're like every little girl who wishes to be a ballerina someday and never really had the chance, maybe now's your opportunity. CCD offers classes for all ages and not only is there classical ballet, but they also teach contemporary ballet, zumba, yoga and many other dances. Just check out their Facebook page for their schedule this summer. Summer classes begin on April 10.

Special thanks to Tita Johanna Mangubat for inviting me. It was more than a pleasure. Congratulations and God bless! :)

Cebu Centre for Dance
Tango Plaza Building, Queens Road, Cebu City
(near KFC, Redemptorist Church)

Contact:  (032) 514-4283

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