Cuisine of the Century

Tomorrow, we not only celebrate the 115 years of freedom that was bought with a price -- the blood of our fellow countrymen -- but also, the undying cuisine of our heritage. There's no better place to celebrate this national event but at the Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Miele Guide's 5th Best Restaurant in the Philippines, as Cafe Marco's Culinary Journey brings us to the comfort of home where we can have as much of lola's cooking with Cucina del Siglo (Cuisine of the Century). Cucina del Siglo showcases perfected recipes passed on from generation to generation with the guidance of culinary guru Ms. Jessica Avila, Marco Polo's outstanding F&B consultant. 

The media launch for this, of which I was invited to, required a Filipiniana chic dress code. I literally went on panic mode but I know mom always has something for me to borrow. FYI, my mother dear is the original Lady Gaga. She has an outrageous wardrobe, accessories and shoes collection that I believe Lady Gaga only copied from. I usually prefer a casual fashion sense but this event encouraged me to dress up because they were raffling off an overnight stay for two at the hotel to the best dressed guest. Well, I'm always up for a challenge so I took my chance. 

          Wrapped up in an abaca top and a full length golden skirt with matching accessories, I marched up to the feast that awaited me (and the other guests). It was a melodic welcome with Cebu Normal University's choir at the grand staircase of the lobby. 

Ms. Jessica Avila with the CNU choristers in the backdrop

          Ms. Jessica Avila, the humble and honorable woman, never fails to credit the culinary team that she works with at the Marco Polo. I've also worked with these guys as an intern here before and they really are a great team. They are the running force of Marco Polo's delectable dishes.

Ms. Jessica Avila with Marco Polo's Culinary Team 

           So... What do you think of my outfit? :D This photo was taken by the F&B Manager himself, Mr. Stephan Wieprich. I'm honored! :)

            There are a lot of heartwarming, nostalgic dishes you'd enjoy in this spread. I personally loooved the pancit luglug, rellenong manok, bacalao and pinakbet

Pancit Luglug 

            And of course, a Cafe Marco visit is never complete without a serving of their malicious cookies. :D

Malicious Cookies

           I forgot all about the suspense of the prize for the best dressed guest with my little feast. And lo and behold, I went home a winner!!! YAY! Thank you so much, Marco Polo! I'm treating my parents with it. They chose two best dressed guests. The other prize went to Ms. Chinggay Utzurrum. And since they also liked two other guests who dressed for the occasion, they gave out malicious cookies as consolation prizes to two other ladies. 

the babe with Doyzkie and Reymond Buenaviaje of iluvcebu.com and Marco Polo's marketing heads, Ms. Manna Alcaraz, Ms. Yumny Mariot and Ms. Kyra Cabaero

           Catch Cucina del Siglo at Cafe Marco from June 7 - 16! For inquiries and reservations, call 253 1111 loc 8245 or email mpplaza@marcopolohtels.com. Visit their website at www.marcopoloplazacebu.com. For real time updates, like their Facebook page at facebook.com/marcopolocebu or follow them on Twitter at @5StarInCebu