What's more lethal than bacon? CHOCORONS. 

These are "sugar-coated" (in the form of chocolate) heart stoppers in every literal sense.

Chocolate + Chicharon = Chocoron

Am I right or am I right? ;)

         I first saw this on TV featured on one of those talk shows by either Kris Aquino or Korina Sanchez, or maybe even those early morning news segments (sorry, I really can't remember which one). Well, anyway, I just thought I'd share this experience with you when I finally found it in my hand. 

       At first impression, I was apprehensive about it being a success, like those chocolate-coated dried mangoes. Um, yeah. I'm not a fan of those anymore because… I found a way better version of that at Ralfe Gourmet Chocolate Boutique - salted choco mango sticks! Trust me, it's a whole lot different. 

          Anyways, thanks to my friends at Sunstar who happened to receive a can by The Blue Kitchen from Ms. Laurie of Movenpick Hotel, I got to try these oddballs (thanks, guys! :D). Honestly, just for laughs, the clusters really resembled crap to me. But of course, never judge by face value. So, I eagerly popped one into my mouth, awaiting the familiar taste of chicharon to surface. Amusingly, the greasy porky taste just creeped in subtly after a few moments of maceration. 

With the first piece, I was confused whether to like it or not. So, I shot another one into my mouth. And really, it took about 4 pieces for me to appreciate it. That in itself is LETHAL, a sign of potential addiction. Boy, oh boy, this is the newest nuclear bomb in town. 

First thing I'd note is, the quality of chicharon used was good - crisp, light, airy, flaky. If there's one thing you should know, chicharon is one of my greatest weaknesses, especially when armed with suka pinakurat. And the fact that these evil droplets feel so light/airy and have an addicting crunch makes us forget how even just a few pieces could cost us our life. ;p

Another thing I'd note is, it would've been more addicting if  the coating was dark chocolate because they only used regular milk chocolate. Meh. I guess it should stick with milk chocolate then so I won't wanna eat so much?

And lastly, this is actually really simple. I don't know how much this is sold in the market but in case they are expensive and if you really like them, you can actually just whip up your own - buy a bag of Chilen chicharon and some Belgian dark chocolate, and you just might even make a better version. :p

At the end of the day, I'd still prefer the good old pair of chicharon and suka pinakurat. Now, I'm craving… *crunch crunch crunch!

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Chicharon and chocolate??? I never would have imagined!

    1. I know right? hahaha. try nya! make ur own and post about it. hahaha. :)

  2. hmm, i don't think i like the sound of that jus. and you're right, it does look like crap. hahaha. :D i don't think i'll be lining up for this anytime in the future. :D

    1. hahaha. ok rman sya taste-wise. just needs some getting used to but nothing beats suka pinakurat with chicharon jd. :D

  3. I like weird food! Haha. Matry nga yan.

  4. This is literally tempting and sinful but weird. Weird. Yes!