Have a Burger-ful New Year at Dong Juan

            As promised, here’s my take on Dong Juan’s Kimchi Burger. Mr. Barney of Dong Juan had invited me weeks ago to try it and our friend Paul has been convincing me as well. So, as soon as my last day of classes for the year ended, trying that feisty burger was first on my to-do list.

            Kimchi on a burger patty; I thought it was unique but not odd at all. I imagined it to be just like the typical match of kimchi and samgyupsal. My foodie buddy Luis thought otherwise though and I wanted to prove him wrong. Hehe.

         It was a sweet surprise to find that Mr. Barney and his wife Aubrey awaited us for lunch together at the pilot branch where it (burger affair) all began for me. The original branch is now spruced up, refurbished with new tables and chairs and the signature details of the franchise design. However, despite the polished, vibrant atmosphere, I found that they managed to retain its sentimental element.

           Quick trivia: The unique design of their wash basin for the hand washing area is imported from France. To use, just step on the knob on the floor for water to flow from the bamboo spout. :D 

            Before the kimchi burger, they made us try a new addition to their pasta menu, Cebu Native Chorizo Pasta, which was sweet like Pinoy spaghetti but much tastier because they used Chorizo de Cebu. Brilliant. Now, why didn’t anybody ever think of that? I’d also like to emphasize my admiration for the way they make their pasta subtly special by using flat spaghetti noodles instead of the mainstream rounded ones, a detail only noticeable by people who intensely scrutinize their food, like me. :))

Cebu Native Chorizo Pasta

            Okay, let’s get to the burger. This beauty definitely made an impression as it made its way to our table. Ladies served first, of course. By this time, Luis was already drooling. It was nothing short of amazing, definitely one for the adventurous palate.

            The kimchi was not as pungent as I expected. It was pleasantly mild and tart, a perfect complement to the robust, juicy beef patty. Not to mention, it added to the juiciness of the patty as well. The vegetable pancake underneath the patty was probably the most interesting detail. I think it's a unique way of adding egg to burger and definitely completed the Korean feel of this burger. The odds were in their favor (a little Hunger Games hangover), a yin and yang combination. So, yes, Luis laid siege to my victorious prejudice of this beaut.

            Dong Juan never ceases to amaze. This burger is another winning innovation to their burger collection that should arouse your interest. And if you really are a burger jock, they have a New Year thanksgiving promo that’s gonna get you running to the first Dong Juan you’ll see – 50% OFF AN ALL BURGERS! And that applies to ALL BRANCHES. You seriously  wouldn’t wanna miss that. It’s the perfect excuse to hoard on all the burger varieties of Dong Juan. Or if you don’t wanna look that gluttonous, you can invite your friends and make it a tasting meal or burger party. 

from left: Mr. Barney Borja, Luis Quibranza III, Babe for Food and Mrs. Aubrey Borja

            As for me, that burger brought back nostalgia and reminded me why I fell for Dong Juan’s burgers from the first bite. What I thought would be a typical tasting meal turned out to be a wonderful afternoon of hearty and interesting discussions with one of the most down-to-earth and genuine couple I know.  Thank you so much for the friendship and generosity, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Borja! God bless you and your business with more success in the years to come. :)   

             For updates on Dong Juan, check out their Facebook page Dong Juan.        

Dong Juan branches:


Persimmon Plus
2 Mango
J Centre Mall
Insular Square
Gaisano Fiesta Mall
Gaisano Island Mall
The Ridges, Panagdait
Calyx IT Park

(Outside Cebu)

Galleria Luisa Tagbilaran Bohol
Robinsons Place Dumaguete
Centrio Mall Cagayan
Abreeza Mall Davao
Phoenix Commercial Center Lanang Davao
Marquee Mall Angeles City Pampanga

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu!"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
-your BFF in Cebu dining! :)             



  1. Wow, they're in five other provinces! Did you notice the vegetable pancake under the patty, Ms Scrutinizer? :D

    1. Oh yeah! I forgot to talk about that bit. Lol. Sorry! I'll edit the post. Thanks! :))