Manila Chronicles

            It’s been half a decade (do the math) since I’ve last been to Manila. And yes, it feels as long as it sounds. If my memory of Manila were a gadget, it would most likely be obsolete by now. True enough, I did feel like a caveman (okay, maybe that’s too much) when I unexpectedly found myself there by the last weekend of 2013!

            You see, my mom has a thing for giving me short notice on things. For this trip, I was only informed a day before we had to leave. We were going there to visit her mom, siblings and my cousins.

            Since I started this blog, I’ve been following several Manila food blogs to get myself updated with the capital’s food trends and compare it with my beloved Cebu. As much as I’ve been learning a lot from these food blogs, I’ve been developing a mild stroke of envy for Manila as well because they get dibs on most of the cool food. Unfair, right?! Hehe.

            But really, I’ve been wishing to visit the capital again for some good grub and most especially to meet the food bloggers and chefs I’ve made friends with. So, you can imagine my panic attack when I found out. Guess what the most urgent thing I thought I needed to do was – tell my blogger and chef friends I would be there the next day! Fb status and private messages, Instagram comments, tweets; you name it, I did it! And to my relief, it worked well even with my mom’s all planned out itinerary for the trip.

            I have to confess that I wasn’t too excited when I found out because like I said, knowing my mom, she would already have an itinerary all planned out and this does not include restaurants to try. I told her my plans though because as soon as my friends knew, I was immediately invited to their Christmas Party and other affairs that I dare not miss. Fortunately, she gave me leeway to catch up with them. And boy, was I a happy little piglet!

Our trip’s schedule was set for December 26-30, departing for Manila on the 26th and returning to Cebu on the 30th. Here’s the itinerary my mom planned out:

*The ones in red font are my own itinerary.

            Day 1 (Dec. 26, Thursday)
     -   Resorts World to watch the Cinderella play

Day 2 (Dec. 27, Friday)
    -    The Fort, BGC for the Mind Museum
    -    Ocean Park
    -    KTG Christmas Party

Day 3 (Dec. 28, Saturday)
    -    Enchanted Kingdom

Day 4 (Dec. 29, Sunday)
   -    Malling
   -    Café Ysabel/CACS

You’ll find in my following posts that this itinerary will have some changes. Although I wasn’t too excited for this trip in the beginning, the excitement swelled up as I was sitting in the plane and when I saw the Manila city lights, as we were about to touch down.

Anyway, I’ll save the story for later. I’m really excited to share my Manila experience! It’s the best I’ve had so far. Thanks to my mom! :D

Hope you’ll stick around for the following posts!

oink oink,

Babe for Food
               - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Hurry up and post about your Manila adventure! I wanna read it. Now! Hehehe