Lubu Filipino & Seafood Restaurant

            Funny how Cebu is surrounded by bodies of water and yet decent seafood seems to be becoming a hit-and-miss in most restaurants. Understandably, seafood is quite a pricey commodity, even more than meat already. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for restaurants to settle for common and, most often than not, low quality seafood.

            Even more ironically, we find the more decent seafood dishes in Chinese restaurants. I am one who cringes at finding Cream Dory, that mushy-fleshed fish with a murky aftertaste, in restaurant menus. Only a handful of restaurants know how to cook this fish well enough to mask its filthiness.

People these days don’t seem to mind a long drive for some good food and scenery. Some would even drive over two hours up north for mediocre Filipino fare that you can actually get in the city. Well, finally, here’s a place that offers solace for those craving for some quality saltwater critters. And it’s not too long of a drive at all.

Lubu Filipino and Seafood Cuisine is a new addition to the restaurants in Mactan that deserve your attention. This is the restaurant that took over what used to be The Fat Lobster since November 2013. Fat Lobster or not, they sure know how to cook their lobsters! Here’s a rundown of my experience at Lubu…

              Finding Lubu was not a difficult task thanks to Mustachio who did his homework of location checking and offered to take me, Luis (my favorite food buddy blogs now! check it out) and Baktin Corp. there. But besides that, it really isn't hard to find because it's just along the road and in between Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa and Movenpick Hotel. On the left side, you will find a small commercial complex called Seaport Village. 

              The green lights that illuminated it seemed to be a go signal that drew us in. The casual setting has a beachy outdoor feel that instantly relaxed me. Though the atmosphere was laid back, I was delighted to find that the service was not one bit complacent. Our waiter was quick to notice our needs and had the initiative to recommend items from the menu.

                So, why Lubu? I had to wonder because it was quite an odd name for a restaurant. And for a Filipino resto, the name didn't sound like a Filipino term I was familiar with. Stephan, the young owner who graciously sat with us throughout the dinner, explained that it is a compound of  his surname, Luthi, and being in Cebu. Hence, Luthi in Cebu = Lubu. 

                As a custom of mine, I always ask for the bestsellers. Stephan recommended the Kinilaw na Tanguige, Pancit Canton, Lechon Kawali, and Spicy Prawns with Rum. We had everything except the Pancit Canton. And of course, a platter of rice with it.

                 Honestly, when I was looking at the menu, everything seemed to be simple fare and I kinda doubted if it was any good. However, as each dish took its turn to be presented at our tables, I was gradually convinced that this restaurant knew how to serve simplicity at its best.

Spicy Prawns with Rum  P340

                 The first dish easily impressed me. I've been particularly fond of prawns since my childhood. The jumbo/king prawns were cooked to perfection - the flesh easily pulled apart from the shell and retained its juiciness - and the sauce complemented it well. The rum in the sauce was not apparent enough but it was awesome with rice! My heart broke a little when the waiter took it away after all the prawns were gone. This dish instantly gave me hope for what was more to come. 

Kinilaw na Tanguige  P240

              Known as ceviche in Italian cuisine, their take on this Filipino version was light on the palate. The fish was cooked just right by the vinegar, slightly firm and chewy. You can also tell the fish was fresh. 

Lechon Kawali  P280

            Me ordering lechon kawali is a rare instance; I do not fancy many fried dishes. I only do so for courtesy of my company. I was glad to find that this one wasn't too greasy.  

Fried Lobster (main serving)  P950

              And now for the highlight of the meal! I'd say lobsters are the specialty of Lubu. These are offered in two ways - grilled or fried - and in two serving sizes - entree (250 g) or main (500 g).  Stephan recommended we try the fried one. It was my first time to encounter fried lobsters. I usually have them grilled with a zing of lemon butter sauce. These were served on a bed of fried alugbati, an interesting alternative for the usual fried morning glory (kangkong). 

                Let me just say, these lobsters would be the main reason you'd find yourself coming back to this restaurant. Again, these were cooked perfectly and are quite affordable for the serving size. 

Sizzling Calamari w/ Bacon in Garlic Oil   P280

            The ever inquisitive Luis was looking for something unique in the menu. He asked Stephan but Stephan couldn't seem to think of anything until Luis spotted this sizzling calamari with BACON in garlic oil. Go figure. BACON is the password to Luis' favor. 

         It was indeed an interesting one. I was expecting it to be breaded but I'm glad it wasn't. The bacon bits melded with the calamari like they were meant to be together. It definitely amped up the dish. 

          So, yes, this place is definitely a must visit especially for tourists who find themselves accommodated in Mactan hotels or for the city folks who just feel like getting away from the busy life. A drive can be therapeutic and when you get to Lubu, you are met with soothing food and excellent service.  

           As for me, that night was a night of discovery, of finally finding my wolf pig pack and finally meeting Brennan of Baktin Corporation! It was indeed a night of good food and good company. Thanks for coming with me Mustachio, Luis and Brennan! To more meals together! And thank you, Stephan, for being a gracious and generous host. :)

          GOOD NEWS for readers of this blog, too! You can get 20% discount when you dine at Lubu. Just inform the waiter or manager that you read about Lubu on Babe for Food. What are you waiting for? Get those heels kicking for some fine seafood!

Lubu Filipino and Seafood Cuisine
Seaport Plaza, Punta Engano Road, Mactan, Cebu, Philippines

Contact: 0917 610 1866 / (032) 492 7824
Store hours: Monday - Sunday    11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Price range:   P300 - P1,000/dish

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu!"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
-your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Thank YOU! It was a pleasure dining with you! :D Oink!

  2. hi, thank you for the detailed post! may i ask, until when is the 20% discount? :-)

    1. Hi, thanks for reading it, too! The owner did not mention an expiry for the discount privilege. Go and enjoy! It's timely for the lent season. ;)

  3. Wow! Fried lobster! Looks scary but I want to try it :D