Flame It: Keeping the Flame Alive

Sometimes, we take for granted people or things because they've been around for a long time. You know how you get butterflies in your stomach during your first few dates with that special someone? And if it works out, you can't wait to be with that person again – the sooner, the better. Every moment together feels so special. Everything around you seems to disappear or go mute when you two are together. But somehow, the butterflies flutter away once you've grown accustomed to each other and you forget how special s/he is already.

-=-=-=-=-=-=- Yeah, yeah, enough of the cheese. Let's get real. -=-=-=-=-=-=-

          It's much like a fresh, new restaurant that just turned up in the block. Everybody wants to head over there and try it. And if it's good, they'll keep coming back until they get sick of it. But after 6 months, once most of the town has dipped their fingers in that restaurant – posted photos on Instagram and checked in at Foursquare – they'll just pass by it without even second thoughts of stopping by. Only a handful of restaurants get past this stage barely unscathed – those that have passed the test of time and have successfully embedded their names and dishes in people’s taste buds.

            What was once a small diner at Escario Street (now occupied by Surfin’ Ribs), Flame It! has proved to withstand the test of time. Having established themselves, they managed to infiltrate and remain a tenant in the first two major malls of the city – Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu. For those who don’t know Flame It, they are actually the first local brand in Cebu to serve commercial charbroiled burgers. To date, they have been grilling burgers and sausages for 13 years now. I guess the anchor of their longevity through the years is consistency of quality.

            Refusing to be forgotten, they have recently come up with a new line of products to add to their regular menu – Crazy Fries, Chicken Poppers and Honey Mustard Chicken Burger. And why not? These more than familiar snack items are easily a favorite and if you’re not careful, can easily seduce you to order another serving. These aren’t your regular fries though. They’re jazzed up in three different flavors – Sloppy Fries, Chili & Jalapeño Fries, and Cheezy Fries.

Cheezy Fries (P95) and Chili & Jalapeño Fries (P95)
            What's cheesier than cheese-flavored fries? Cheezy Fries - it can't get any cheezier than this. Besides the mainstream cheese powder coating, it's sprinkled with loads of parmesan cheese, smothered with melted cheddar cheese, and topped with shredded cheese. It's a Cheese Overload! This one's definitely for the crazy cheesehead. 

                The Chili & Jalapeño Fries is said to be the bestseller, having a charming tartness from the jalapeños that cuts through the heat of the chili while teasing your taste buds with the cooling melted cheddar cheese. It's also doused with Flame It's very own Flaming Lips Chili Oil that leaves your lips swollen as if from a bite. If you're a "Heat fan", this has your name on it.

Sloppy Fries (P145)

            Hands down, I'd pick the Sloppy Fries over the rest anytime. It's got all the dreamy fried sidings that I'd crave for at Flame It - potato fries, twistee fries, and onion rings! Topped with extra creamy sauce, melted cheddar cheese, AND bacon bits! Sloppy is always best when it comes to such comfort food as these. 

Chicken Poppers (P80)

            As for the Chicken Poppers, I’d say they’re a rustic version of chicken nuggets served with a choice of 3 different dips: cheezy, honey mustard, and garlic mayo. These bite-sized chicken delights come in regular or spicy. I love mildly spicy food so the spicy chicken poppers appealed to me. I find that they are best enjoyed with the honey mustard and garlic mayo dips.

Honey Mustard Chicken Crisp Fillet Burger (P99)

            The Honey Mustard Chicken Crisp Fillet Burger is a more filling snack. The chicken is well-complemented with the honey mustard sauce and is given a light, refreshing touch with the coleslaw salad.   

Mini Sampler (P128)
            If you and your friends are new to Flame It, I suggest you get their Mini Sampler. It’s a melody of their best burger variants all in a platter, er, basket – Bacon, Mushroom & Cheese, Garlic Mayo, Cream Cheese & Garlic, and Chili con Carne. Then you won’t have to be confused and take so long to pick your burger like how I am especially when I’m hungry. 

The Patriot (P185)

                In case you're wondering what they're actual burger looks like, I also wanna share with you a new addition to their premium burgers - The Patriot. It's a premium Angus beef patty smothered with caramelized onions and topped with a slice of American cheese. Indeed, you can taste the genuine Angus beef in a succulent, aromatic patty.

               Since Flame It is strategically located proximally to the cinemas in the malls, I think it'd be a great idea to get these new snack items as movie grub. Those Chicken Poppers could replace popcorn and the Crazy Fries also make good company. 

              In other news, they also deliver and cater since their Mabolo branch is open until 12:00 mn on weekdays and 2:00 a.m on weekends. That's something to add to the midnight cravings list. You can hit them up on their contact numbers listed below for inquiries and orders, and stay updated with their promos through their FB page.                   

Flame It! 

4/F, Ayala Center Cebu (beside Red Mango/Happy Lemon) 
3/F, SM City Cebu (near IMAX Theater and Bowling Center) 
G/F, Robinsons Cybergate, Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City
Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City

Contact: (032) 260 0709 or 268 0905

FacebookFlame It

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  1. Yehey, a new post from you! I miss reading your blog. I want to try everything you featured here.

    1. Hi Mustachio! Glad to be back! Thanks for the comment! :D

  2. I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you post more often :)
    I'll definitely try the new offerings at flame it, thanks for this :D

    1. Thank you, Erwin! Feel free to come back and comment on the items you've tried and like! :)

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