Burger the Way You Want It

            So, what’s all this fuss about a burger joint from Davao breaking into Cebu territory just for the Sinulog weekend? Even if I’m trying to shift to a healthier lifestyle now, I just had to find out. I thought to myself, tasting wouldn’t hurt, right? Let’s see…

           I was honestly trying to ignore this burger stall but I couldn’t resist my favorite fashion blogger and foodie, Issa of issaplease.com, inviting me for lunch. Val of valentingabutan.com was also there to join us. So, I quickly headed down to Backyard Burgers camped within the vicinity of the old Baseline.

THAT in itself is a GOOD sign

            It was a shabby set up but big things come in small packages. This burger stall meant business. I didn’t see much people around but there seemed to be some sort of invisible loooong line because names for burger orders were barked out endlessly, and the owners of the orders just suddenly popped in from nowhere to claim their burgers.

            Looking at the photos of their menu on the wall, I had quite a hard time taking my pick. Everything looked sooo good! But since I’m a sucker for the bacon-mushroom-cheeseburger kinda burger, I had to get the Garshroom Bacon Burger. Issa got the Korean BBQ Burger and Val got the Japanese Oishi Burger.

Watching the assembly line was TORTURE. You’ll see what I mean…

             There was a point where Issa was silently munching her burger as if it had hypnotized her. And then I discovered that the only way to shut this girl up was to stuff a big, tasty burger in her mouth. Well, she does like them BIG. ;)

              This burger exploded in my mouth! Ohohoyeah! No regrets there! The first bite got me hooked that I suddenly got selfish and didn't really want to share my burger anymore. They definitely got it right, exactly how I wanted my burger - sloppy, oozing with cheese, and oh, that smokiness from chargrilling! Magnifique! Bravo! Magnifico! Kamikaze! Kumbaya! Shalom!  Hakuna Matata! Gibberish in my head! That first bite got me insane and without second thought, the “tasting” turned into “a hasty gobbling up of the entire burger”.

                This burger with a Japanese costume had the right kick from the light wasabi mayo. Wave that Japanese flag high and proud, baby! 

          I wanted so badly to go back for dinner and try the other variations, like their Signature Burger and Hussein Kebab Burger! And so they say, “I’ll start dieting… TOMORROW!” :))

            Backyard Burgers is only in Cebu until January 18. You’d hate to miss this. It’s an inevitable stopover anyway since they are along the Sinulog party route, so make sure to grab their burger! Prices range from P150 to P250 for these great-tasting burgers!

            Oh, and here's the catch! They'll also be having booths near Ayala and Fooda Mango for Sinulog Invasion so keep an eye on them! 

I heard that they are planning to open doors in Cebu for the long run soon, too. If so, I can seriously say, they would be a strong contender in the burger scene. They mean serious business. And I can say, once you’ve tasted it, this Davao bet is more than welcome in Cebu. I can’t wait for them to put up shop myself!

Like their Facebook page for updates on their whereabouts in Cebu!

To know Cebu, EAT Cebu!

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining :)


  1. Finally, a post from you! :) This must have been really really really good for you to start clickety clacketing on your macbook ...I bet while munching your burger and getting all that burger slop not only on your mouth and fingers, but also on your keyboard :D

    1. Yes, finally! Hahaha. These amazingly good burgers really inspired me to write as soon as I gobbled up my burger. :))

  2. The burgers look so goooood!! Too bad my schedule's really too tight this weekend. uggggh!

    Anyways, have you heard of Burgaholics? I seriously think they have the best burger in the city, especially their homemade cheese sauce! You should give them a try (or I can go with you lol)! hehehe :)

    1. Hi! Yes, Burgaholics has been under my radar recently and it's actually my next target! Maybe next week. Thanks! :D

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