Taking a Trip to Candyland at Fairmont Makati's Spectrum Restaurant

Hello, dear readers! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. I was buried in books since I graduated last March to study for my board exam. To cut to the chase, the exam was on August 20 & 21 in Manila and by God's grace and mercy, I passed!!! 

           Within the time I was away from the blog, I stayed in Manila for a month to review for the board exam. This was my first time to live independently and it was a great experience. Though I was supposedly there for serious matters (yes, some serious shopping here and there), I was blessed to have friends and relatives who made sure to make my stay enjoyable, too. I met up with the KTG, the best group of food and lifestyle bloggers in the country - my new foodie family. Thanks to Richie the Pickiest Eater, I left Manila dreaming of Candy Land from the sweetest buffet I ever had – the Sweet Sunday Brunch at Fairmont Makati’s Spectrum Restaurant.

Part of my independent life in Manila involved commuting all alone. I actually enjoyed this because it gave me a better experience and view of the city and the truest sense of independence. So, my memorable Spectrum experience actually began with my journey to get to Fairmont Makati. I was staying in Quezon City and had to commute all the way to Makati. It was my first time to travel that far by public transport. 

To my relief, I somehow found myself in Makati safe and sound. Arriving at the grandiose buffet was definitely a more than welcome reward for my determination to commute and having had to ask several security guards for directions. :))

As I stepped into Spectrum, I couldn’t stop gushing over the luxurious spread of overflowing fresh seafood, salad greens, LECHON, rib eye steak at the carving station and of course, the most outrageous dessert buffet I’ve ever seen. It was such a privilege to be invited to share this special lunch with the KTG and the Fairmont marketing team! Meals are always made happier when shared with people who thrive on the same passion – good food.

So, here it is, feast your eyes and appetites on the Sweet Sunday Brunch of Spectrum at Fairmont Makati…

Hoard, hoard, HOARD!!! First thing that caught my eye was the Cold Seafood Station, finding my favorite fresh oysters and prawns. Yes, yes, YES! :D
My eyes literally glittered as I gazed at these beauties...
They also had several kinds of caviar in abundance! And UNI (sea urchin)!!! I particularly loved the uni sushis wrapped in cucumber - so refreshing! And of course, I couldn’t miss the salmon sashimi - a default on babe for food's buffet plate. These cuts were premium - so creamy and tasty!

I must also say, passing by the salad station almost felt like stepping into a garden! That was the most beautiful salad station I've ever seen. <3

     Where there’s rib eye steak, there I am, too. I just had one slice, I promise!

The rib eye got scared of me, it ran for cover. The veal leg was brave enough though. 
Aaaww.. Aren't they sweet... "Til death do we part"
        Before we go to the desserts, let me just commend the Lechon Baboy (whole roast pig) which was the closest in taste to Cebu lechon that I ever had in Manila. This surprised me! My favorite part of lechon is always the cheeks. ;)

           So, this is a Babe for Food default buffet plate. Top choices are always salmon sashimi, maki rolls, and lechon! Lol! Fresh oysters too but in this case, they couldn't fit in the plate anymore.  

        And finally, the smorgasbord of sweets and treats, to the ends of your imagination! This ultimate candy wonderland features the top leading brands in chocolate and candies in the world such as Valor, Ghirardelli, Lindt and Haribo. I guarantee both kids and adults will squeal in delight at the sight of this spread! Because, I did! You'll definitely find not just one, but at least four of your favorite desserts or sweets from this extravagant spread! You'll see what mine is in a while... ;)

Now, you can literally eat the rainbow! Check out that gorgeous rainbow cake. And taking the orange to another level is their orange jelly topped with goldleaf bits. 

        Did you spot some Bacon Macarons? I know the Pickiest Eater isn't much of a sweet tooth but I'm sure this had to get him. And that dirt bowl is the only 'dirty' thing I'd stuff my face into. :))

              This is where kids can literally play around with their food and create their own dessert pizza! As Dr. Seuss would say, "Oh, the thinks you can think!" I'd say, "Oh, the eats you can eat!" :D

            Of course, I had to get the bacon macaron. Wish I had an unlimited supply of these to leave one at every restaurant I visit. Hehe. And I wanted to eat some gold so, I had the orange jelly. As if I couldn't get enough rainbow in my mouth, I tried their homemade rainbow-colored ice cream, too. Turned out, it was bubblegum-flavored. So, if you're a fan of bubblegum ice cream, this one's for you. 

             I also found a pot of gummy bears after the rainbow cake! Now, you must know that I'm a sucker for gummy bears. This is my ultimate favorite candy! I dug through the legions of gummy bear commoners just to get that giant blue gummy bear! Haribo is gummy bear happiness!  

Two of my my most favorite things on a plate:
gummy bears and fresh strawberry! 

          Didn't that just feel like walking through a Willy Wonka factory? Only, swankier. All that and more only at Spectrum of Fairmont Makati. 

       This is the perfect buffet for families where kids and adults alike can indulge in their favorite treats and all sorts of eye candy that stir the wildest imaginations! Catch it as soon as you can because it only runs every Sunday ‘til the whole month of September! The buffet is P2,777+ per head. Children 6-12 years old get 50% off. 

      If you're not from Manila but happen to find yourself in town, don't miss out on this spectacular buffet! It's not just for sweet tooths; Spanish, Filipino, Middle Eastern, and continental dishes are sure to satisfy your palate as well.  

     For reservations or inquiries, call Raffles and Fairmont Makati's Restaurant Reservations at (02) 795 1840. 

       Fairmont Makati is the perfect destination for the sophisticated business traveler, being conveniently located in the heart of the country's financial and leisure entertainment center. Top corporate addresses, embassies, quaint cafes and shopping centers are just  a walk or minutes drive away. 

         With 280 rooms, it is housed within a sleek 30-storey tower that also includes the 32 all-suite Raffles Makati and 237 Raffles Residences. 

         Having spoken with the marketing team, it was interesting to find out that most of Fairmont Makati's guests were from Cebu! Having visited the hotel, I'm not surprised why it would appeal to Cebuanos. The interiors are luxurious but give a sense of calmness and privacy, and of course, the food is great. So, this business hotel is definitely one I would highly recommend not just to my fellow Cebuanos, but anyone who might have engagements around the area.   

          For more information and reservations, you may visit fairmont.com.

Fairmont Makati
1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue
Makati City, Philippines 1224

Contact: (02) 795 1840
Facebook: Fairmont Makati

oink oink,

Babe for Food


  1. "Where there’s rib eye steak, there I am, too. I just had one slice, I promise!" <--- Sure you had just one slice. One humongous slice! :) Lamia ani tanan uy!! Drooling now. And I see you had a macaron that looks like you. Very cute! hehehehehehe

    If I eat here, I am not sure who will kill me first: my doctor or the sweets!!!

    1. hahaha! i literally died and went to sweet tooth heaven! and maybe i'd be a bacon macaron there! :))

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