Cebu's SECRET Dining Spots from A-Z!

Hey, guys! ;p   

     Like i promised, here's my list of Cebu's unassuming dining spots which I will be exploring or re-visiting (since I've already dined in some of the spots listed) along with my foodie friends and foodie photogs. This is one LOOOONG exciting adventure I can't wait to take on. I dream of doing this all over the world! But to be realistic, one of my goals would be to do this all over the Philippines first. HAHAHA. Unfortunately, my list is still incomplete because I have yet to find out about more qualifying secret dining spots that begin with the missing letters. Feel free to contribute though, I'd love for you guys to participate and share with me your discoveries, too.

     Heads up, the dining spots listed are not necessarily all affordable or have excellent dish quality but I think most are reasonably priced. The list does not adhere to any specific menu service or cuisine and budget as well so it's quite random (which makes it more fun, right?! :D). I will enumerate my suggested qualifications for a dining spot to be considered 'secret'. These would generally be establishments that conform to either or all of the ff.:

- barely do any marketing (newspaper ads, billboard ads, flyers, etc.)
- rely solely on 'word-of-mouth'
- are not located in any mall
- do not have clear signages

     Now let's get on with the list, shall we? I do not have limits for the number of establishments I can enumerate for each corresponding letter as long as they pass the qualifications. So go ahead and help me complete the list so we can see how many of these hole-in-the-walls we can find. :)


red font - been there, done that
* - featured

A - Abaseria Deli & Restaurant
     Ambassador's Cafe
     ATF (All-Time-Favorites) 
B - Busy Bee Blue Bayou
C - Cul de Sac
     Corner Bakery*
D - Dong Juan
E - Elysa Cafe*
F - Front Gate
G -
H - Han Guk Kwan
J - Joed's Lutong Hapon
K - Kandingan sa SRP
L - La Buona Forchetta di Paolo
     La Bella Napoli*
M - Matias
     Mr. A
     Mae Krua
     Mama Gie
     Micky's Japanese Cakes
     MB's Tavern
N - Nonki
O -
P - Paolito's STK
     Parrt Ebelle
Q -
R - Ryan's Pizarelli*
S - Simply J's*
T - Tagala's
     Ten Dove St.
     Thirty Kitchen
     The Ranch 
U -
V - Vibes
W - Wakamatsu Yakiniku
X -
Y - Yumeya Kihei
Z - Zayka
    As much as I want to write about all the places on the list as soon as possible, I regret to tell you that I think it would take me more or less 6 months because... I'm not a walking bank. Hehe. But I would also welcome anyone who would want to invite me on a food trip if they're visiting any of the places I listed. So just leave a comment if you have plans! 

Babe for Food -- your new BFF in Cebu dining. ;) 


  1. VIBES fit ur description of "hidden" goodness 'tine! Gourmet eats I cannot resist! Cajun! Curry! (if u hav leftovers speed dial me! a closet foodie here, lol)

  2. Maybe you Can google map these places so we can find it. It'll b helpfulü

  3. N - Nonki Japanese Resto along AS Fortuna =)

  4. Thanks Yves! Wow, i'd love for you to join me when i visit vibes then! and i think that's real soon! can i ask for your num btw? :)

  5. @Jason: I tried to google all the items on the list on google map but a lot are actually not registered. I'll just post a link from google map whenever I post a spot i've visited if ever it's there though. Or I'll just post the address. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  6. thanks, this has been quite helpful. but i can only see A-N. where's the rest of the list? :)

  7. Hi, Kendi! I love your blog but I can't figure out how to follow you. Sorry, there was a technical problem with my blog yesterday and stuff disappeared which broke my heart but I think I fixed it now. Thanks for viewing! Hope you'd follow me, too. :)

  8. oh that's prolly another blogger glitch. your post is fine now. been having foodtrips with my colleagues as well, and your list is of great help. we're fond of Micky's Japanese Cakes, you should try their strawberry shortcake, custard and lemon cheesecake. they're delish. :)

    about my blog, there's no "follow this" plug-in in wordpress. but comments are welcome. :)

  9. oh! cool! thanks!!! i looove cheesecakes! can't wait to try them. and i'd love to go on a food trip with you sometime. hahaha. sorry if i'm up front but i really see all foodies as friends. if u don't mind. :)

    oh! no wonder, i didn't notice you were with wordpress. lol. too bad.

  10. sure, sure. we just went to Fudge recently. humongous servings. delish main courses, though we had to change the potato cuts to rice (kay gigutom ug rice). haha. their manguava salad is so fresh and yummy. and the lava cake was unforgettable. :)

  11. thanks for another mouth-watering spot to check out! i've actually heard rave reviews about the dessert over there but not so much with the main course but now that you said it, i'm interested. :)

  12. Hi! I'm so into secret dining places too.. U might wanna check out Der Kaiserhof. It's a German European resto...

    1. Cool! Thanks, where is that? :)

  13. I think I just saw a photo of you at Ryan's. :D

    1. Haha! Yes, you have well discerning eyes. Hahaha.

  14. If you want the best BATCHOY please do try Vcents Batchoy located Ibabao Estancia, Mandaue City across Mandaue Coliseum. I swear the best jud dili lang kay nice pa ang place karenderia style but much better ang taste compare to Ted's and Carlo's Batchoy. Im promoting the place for my friend. thanks:)

    1. Thanks for this recommendation! I'll visit the place when I can. :)