Vanille's Macarons and New Flavors

the luscious macarons in new flavors! (forgive some pics with irregular shapes. editing is not my thing. lol.)


Macarons - those delicate, luscious almond meringue cookies that sandwich a cream filling (love the liqueur-infused ones) that melt in your mouth with every bite and come in every imaginable flavor and color! Who can't love (eating) these?! I can be obsessed with these but they tend to be pricey for their size. Well, you can't blame something that's made of ground almond and meringue and whatever wonderful things you can think of. But actually, aside from the ingredients that make these luxurious cookies quite pricey, the production cost is a big factor. Making these will always incur a reject/s because this recipe tends to be generally inconsistent. Every baker or pastry chef knows this. I'm not much of a baker or patissier? (did i get that right?) so I prefer to eat these. But don't get me wrong, I'd love to try making some by myself someday. After all, being well-rounded is a great advantage for any chef. ;)
      Vanille Cafe and Patisserie is a French cafe at the 2nd floor of the Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu that sells macarons at an individual price. They were one of the first tenants of the Terraces so they've been around since October 2008. They're macarons caught my eye and I still crave for them from time to time. The only flavors they had back then were chocolate and vanilla. But two weeks ago, approximately the first week of May, they launched 8 new flavors! I discovered these just two days ago. The new flavors are, espresso, caramel, tableya, kalamansi, orange, coconut, hazelnut praline, peppermint. The cost per piece is just 35 php. My personal favorites are the peppermint and hazelnut praline. The peppermint macaron is perfect to flush away that savory residue after a meal. I'm glad the attendant was accommodating enough to arrange each available flavor on a plate for photo courtesy. 

Along with these adorable and tasty treats is an ambience with an air of French sophistication in a cafe setting. Purple plush seats that are comfortable even for considerably long hours of coffee and wifi is available as well, free with any purchase in the cafe. Aside from decadent pastries, a full course menu is served including selections of quiche lorraine. So whenever you want to have a quick, guiltless dessert, keep Vanille on top of the list.

Special thanks to Issa Perez and her hubby Paolo Climaco for supporting me on my first feature! I forever love you both! <3
photos by: issa perez - follow her on http://littleblacksheepfashion.blogspot.com

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