When Food and Fashion Meet

       Last weekend, Babe for Food was invited by Eden Villarba of Chic in the Tropics to an assembly of some of Cebu’s most stylish young personalities at the Veranda. It is located at Parkmall, beside Dimsum Break. This was to be the first meeting of Cebu’s fashion bloggers. I actually wondered (yet was flattered as much) why I was invited to this event because I would be the odd one among the group. You know, me being the only food blogger around all these fashion bloggers. But anyways, of course I would never miss out on anything that involves food, dining and friends. I love meeting people and making new friends as well.

       So, agenda was at 7 p.m. F.Y.I, I actually do not indulge in fashion as much as I do food. Not that I don’t “like” fashion, I do adore it but I don’t think I can compare myself to these guys I was meeting. Lol. My style is more of simple and comfortable. You can say I’m a minimalist. Actually, more of lazy. Haha. I chose to wear a maxi dress (see? Lazy.) to this dinner because it would be my last summer weekend since school would start next week (June 13) and I just love this dress. Here' a sneak peek:

       Veranda is a restobar that serves Spanish cuisine. I have already dined here previously and I loved the generous serving and quality of their lengua paired with a serving of smooth mashed potatoes. So this time, I wanted to try something else. I opted for the callos which happened to be one of my childhood favorites. I remember hogging this dish whenever my mom cooked it. When my order arrived the table, I couldn’t wait to dig in. It was in a tomato sauce and had some slices of Hungarian sausage, sliced black olives and chickpeas. It was good but I think there was too much Hungarian sausage. I’d have to say mom’s was better. She hasn’t cooked any for years now though; makes me miss it. Veranda’s callos had a serving reasonably proportion to the price though I’d still prefer their lengua. The other girls had the baked pasta  which was too sweet to my liking. 
my callos @ 180 php w/ fries or rice

baked pasta
that's my face when my rice is consumed earlier than my main course

We were more or less 15 people, majority of ladies and much to our surprise, one of the bloggers who was supposedly invited but had to decline the invitation because of an immersion, happened to have his immersion at the same venue! This fashion and food blogger (double talented) is Paolo Berdin. He is currently a student in Academy of International Culinary Arts, a Manila-based culinary school that opened here in Cebu last year at The Gallery, Mabolo. I can really see the passion this guy has for food. I think he has as much passion for eating as I do. I’d love to go on a food trip with him sometime. And of course, do check out his tongue-whetting and entertaining blogs What Paolo Writes  and What Paolo Eats. After reading his blog and finally following it, he's one of the food bloggers in Cebu I look up to most. Who wouldn't? He was one of the top 20 bloggers in the Cebu last year yet still is very much down to earth. "Paoie" was like the head chef of Veranda this night, entertaining his guests. What a pleasant surprise indeed! Of course, I wouldn't miss a picture with the head chef of Veranda for the night. ;) 

i'd love to have him on a food trip with me :)
As usual, I could not stay as long as most of the people did since my curfew is earlier than Cinderella’s. But this night was a memorable and enjoyable one, thanks to Eden and Veranda. It was exciting to meet all these amazing women and a handful of men who do Cebu fashion proud with their sense of style and their wit to match. Oh, and guess what? I just met another “Babe for Food”, a possible food blogger soon, Dale Brigoli. Beauty and braun (-y appetite). Like me! She had a serving of Cerdo Asado for her main course and had Hot Wings for her appetizer. I was disappointed with the mashed potato this time because it was dry. I loved the fries though, I think it was sprinkled with paprika.        

Dale Brigoli
hot wings
Cerdo Asado @ 200 php

A night of good food, good music, and good company. That was a great way to end my summer. I love Veranda’s Saturday Sessions! Acoustic for dinner and alternative rock for the late night. Awesome! Hope there would be more of these meetings soon. 

from right: Eden, me, Aoi (a model), Andrew Singco
Kristine Roa of InStyle Cebu and Yves Camingue of Yvestyle
fashion bloggers galore
from left below: Gizelle Faye of Vanilla Ice Cream, Toni Pino of Perfumed Red Shoes, Gillian Uang of by details, Neil San Pedro of .N.
 from left standing: Babe for Food, Eden Villarba of Chic In The Tropics and Vannessa East of one frozen margarita

me with Dale Brigoli and Issa Perez of Little Black Sheep Fashion 

Photos by Eden Villarba and just a handful by me. :)

Thank you again for this awesome night, Eden. And it was great meeting you all.