Chocolate Therapy

Hey guys!

Christmas is in the air! I've whipped up some sweet treats you can give to your loved ones this season. I'm branding it as Chocolate Therapy of which chocolate clusters are the first batch. 

Chocolate clusters are basically chocolate-coated cereal. I like to use cornflakes. These will come in different shapes, flavors and sizes. For now, available choices for orders are regular clusters in white and dark chocolate.
pack of 6 @ 50 php only!
you can customize your pack whether you want mixed or exclusively white or dark :)
white chocolate clusters
I also used to make them into message blocks like these and gave them away to friends as birthday gifts:
15 php per block
If you want them like this, you can request with your order, too. 

This is a fund raising so I could buy gifts for my family and friends. Hope you guys would like to order some!

For orders, pls. contact 0922 8822 655. Orders should be made 2 days ahead. Thanks! :)

P.S. I'm planning to come up with more designs and flavors such as choco berry and chocmint, and I also plan to experiment on making a mini chocolate Christmas tree. ;)

Babe For Food
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  1. Wow, looks yummy. Drool! :-P~

  2. Liezyl: yup! thanks! order some! hahaha. i made a pack of 6 for 50 php only! :)

    Mustachio: thanks... order na! hehehe. :)