In The Heat of Anzani

Since I desperately missed working in the professional kitchen so much, I applied for a part-time job as a cook in several (5) restaurants early last month hoping I'd be employed by sembreak or the second semester.

Cafe Laguna has always been on top of my list because I sincerely want to learn authentic Filipino cuisine and I also admire their catering service. This was the first rejection though because they don't accept part-timers.

To make the long story short, my friend Munesh Gopaldas, the head chef of Bistro Ecila at The Terraces, recommended me to apply at Anzani since they were open for hiring. I was given a consideration by Chef Marco Anzani, the owner, and I had to undergo unpaid training for a week to prove myself.

The problem here was, I didn't tell my dad about my interviews and applications until my first day in Anzani because he had already told me ahead that he doesn't want me to work there when I mentioned my plan of applying.  Since I knew dad was against everything despite all my begging and convincing, I just used my own savings to commute to and from Anzani.

photo from: http://www.anzani.com.ph/index.html 
photo from: http://www.anzani.com.ph/index.html
If you didn't know, Anzani is a fine dining Mediterranean restaurant owned and run by Chef Marco Anzani, a former chef of Acqua, Shangrila Mactan Resort and Spa's Italian outlet. It is located at Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City. The dining experience involves a romantic view of the city as it is situated on the hills of Cebu and authentic Mediterranean cuisine with some fresh vegetables they grow themselves. This restaurant is currently one of the top destinations in Cebu and has received several awards. It is also a popular date spot and is one of the few restaurants in the city that offers wood-fired pizza.

Bellini is their bar lounge where some of the best wines can be enjoyed and where friends can chill to the accompaniment of live soothing music from 7 pm onwards on weekdays.

I was assigned at the cold kitchen and my shift was at 4-9 pm. And just so you know, I had to take a total of 7 rides roundtrip everyday. That's 3 rides to get there and 4 to go home. I guess that tells you enough how badly I wanted this but I just stuck out the whole week of training for professionalism's sake. If I continued, I would have been the first part-timer to be accepted and it is a fact that it's very difficult to get a part-time job in restaurants. I especially did not expect it to be from this one.

I was like in a dream bubble that whole week. Chef Marco was pretty approachable, all the staff were easy to work with, the food was just grand and the plating was like fine art masterpieces. The food was definitely hotel standard. There was a truffle promotion going on so they had a special set menu for this.

I wasn't able to take pictures during my whole week except for my last day because I didn't wanna look like some spy sneaking around. ;)

Chef Randell is the head chef here and he's a really nice guy; friendly, accommodating, and jolly. He made me feel welcome even when I was still applying and answered any question I had when I got in. He even let me play around in the hot kitchen anytime I wanted to. Here, I watched Chef Randell bark out orders and plate them, and I got to do some plating myself, I cooked some pasta orders and did some grilling. 

In the hot kitchen:
me with Chef Randell :)
Chef Randell making some kind of mashed potato in tortilla
Chef Anyong, an awesome line cook and fresh pasta maker
My hand at the hot zone cuz these guys were nice enough to have me play around: 
(I was sneaking shots while cooking orders. Lol.)
they let me grill an aussie beef tenderloin!
my plating :)
raw marinated halibut and salmon steaks for the grill. nom nom nom. :D
from left: Randell, Arkin, Anyong and the author
them with an ojt from USC
the amusingly mischievous Chef Janice with Chef Randell
 The Cold Kitchen:
Chef Janice and Chef Arkin 
girl power
gorgeous plating for Arugula salad with parmesan  crisps and balsamic reduction
This was definitely an experience worth treasuring, having met chefs who are easy to get along with and Chef Marco himself being a considerate and approachable boss. Thank you for this experience of a lifetime! Hopefully, I can work here again someday. Definitely missing the heat!

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  1. open your restaurant soon! haha.

  2. Haha! I'm still too inexperienced. Gotta work in many other resto's and hotels around the world first. :)

  3. Oh wow. You know RJ aka Chef Randell? Small world! We hung out once and he told me all about his unforgettable stories in Anzani. :)

  4. Hey, Ceej! Small world indeed! He's one cool guy. :)

  5. I'm from ICAAC too and I was just wondering.. are they willing to accept apllicants for a commis position? I really want to try to work there.

    1. Hi Derek,

      You can inquire personally at the resto because I don't really know their current position availability. It's a great place to work in though. The kitchen staff are all professional and you can learn a lot from Chef Marco's menus. Hope you get a spot. :)

    2. I left a copy of my resume yesterday since Chef Marco wasn't there. Hope I get a spot. Thanks! :)