Cobo: Awesome Possibiliteas

     Let's do a recap of the food trends in Cebu City: From pearl shakes (Zagu, Quickly, Jello), to pizzas (Alberto's was phenomenal back then), to ribs (Casa Verde and Mooon Cafe were once close rivals), to burgers (Dong Juan and those 'buy 1 take 1' stalls), to fro-yo, cupcakes and now to MILK TEA! One positive thing I noticed is it's getting healthier. I, for one, love fro-yo and milk tea! I try to have some at least once a week. :D 

     I know of 3 milk tea specialty outlets in town - Bubble Bee Tea House, Teariffic (at SM Cebu City's Lower Ground Floor) and Cobo (at J Center Mall). I had mentioned in an earlier post that J Center is a frequented place for me and dad since it is nearby our residence. What actually draws me most to this place is Cobo, a Taiwan milk tea franchise. When Bubble Bee Tea House opened, I adored their drinks but it was Cobo that ignited the craving streaks.    
     The colorful interiors attract and invite passersby who cannot help but pause with inquisition of the playful concept; like me! They have comfy, unique, colorful chairs and a cute doodle-like mural. Aside from their milk teas, they also serve coffee, Taiwanese chicken, dimsum and a delectable cold dessert they call snow ice. 
unique and colorful chairs!
the cute and cool mural :D
snow ice!
the counter
      The first item I had here was honeydew with strawberry bubble burstea smoothie. I loved this refreshing and unique concoction. It came with a generous serving of sago (rice pearls) and the bursting bubbles were the biggest surprise. It was like oversized sweet caviar or simply like a delicate sago that isn't chewy and bursts in your mouth with a flavored syrup as soon as you bite it. That's a little molecular gastronomy in your drink! Definitely as good as it sounds and this got me hooked from then on. Unfortunately, the picture is in my friend's iphone and her phone had to be fixed so I wasn't able to retrieve the photo. Boo.

      I still wasn't able to take a photo during my next visit when I had their taro floating sea salt. This didn't really suit my taste buds though. 

       My dear friend since high school who is now studying in France is finally back for vacation so I brought her to Cobo to catch up on each other. We had their Cobo Milk Tea which we enjoyed chatting the night away with that we stayed past the closing time of the shop. Some of our friends who happened to be around also joined us for a while. 
my dear Jamaica and I with our Cobo milk teas! 
16 oz Cobo Milk Tea
     Cobo won my heart for milk tea because it's UNIQUE in every way! And of course it's addictingly delicious! From the flavors, to the furnishing and the design. Not to mention the generous serving of their pearls (sago) and other toppings (they also have chewdle, bursting bubbles, flavored jelly) and it's  affordable.

      I also love the option they offer for degree of sweetness in your drink. You can opt for extra mild, mild, average, normal and very sweet. Drink sizes are 16 oz and 22 oz. I have yet to try their snow ice next time though. I thought it was just flavored shaved ice but it actually turned out to be like ice cream or froyo which you can add toppings to. Oh, the awesome possibiliteas at Cobo! You just can't get enough. :D 

Price range: P 70-110 

Cobo is located at J Center Mall, A.S. Fortuna St. Banilad, Cebu City. 

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  1. You ARE the food blogger! Thank you for describing the bursting bubbles...I had no words for it. (I just suck at describing anything and will therefore make a very poor witness hahaha.)

    What are chewdles? Are those the sago?

  2. wow, sa pix pa lang, nakakauhaw na. nice post! i guess i'll try to drop by there when i get to go to Cebu!


  3. @mustachio: Haha. Thanks! Hey, YOU'RE the food blogger, too! I think the chewdles are nata. I have yet to try all the other toppings. Will do with snow ice next time! :D

    @Vernon Go: GO! Doyzkie and Ed were there with me! :D

    @Gelianne: Thanks! You should come visit Cebu. So much awesome food. But I'd also love to explore Davao. :D

  4. Woooooww!! this is awesome.. thanks, Justinne for sharing this new milk tea that will surely drool everyone.

    There is another new milk tea shop at One Mango that will open this Friday, a friend's friend owns it. you might want to drop by there too..


    1. Thanks Hannah! Sure, I'd love to check out your friend's new milk tea shop sometime. Cheers! :D

  5. I absolutely LOVE bubble tea! Just looking at your pictures makes me drool~~

  6. I told you I would remember your blog adress. Nice to browse around and discover new food places! See you for a dive when you have time, just ask Cass to arrange it!



    1. Haha! Amazing! Thanks for dropping by! I hope to dive with you sometime soon. Thanks for the offer! And nice meeting you again.

      Cheers! :D

  7. that's great for beating the summer heat. Wish meron ditong 7-eleven outlets, sarap kasi nung mmilk tea nila galing taiwan, yung nasa blue bottles.

    1. I wish we had 7-elevens here too! I love slurpies!!! Haha. Thanks for dropping by! :D

  8. This article makes me want to visit Cebu if ever I had that opportunity. Nice blog :)

    1. Thanks! Visit Cebu when you can! It's an awesome destination for anything. Cheers! :D

  9. are you open for franchising?

    1. Considered it but still to be discussed with my dad. I want to meet the franchiser for details though. :)