Awesome Possibiliteas Take 2

        Okay, so I can't get enough of Cobo. It's got my mind on chains to all the “awesome possibiliteas” I could try; one of them being their snow ice. Judging from the name, I thought it was just the usual shaved ice drizzled with flavored syrup. But when I saw this served to one customer on an occasion, it looked like froyo with toppings and this made me determined to try it sometime.
         Finally, one gluttonous night (after eating 4 sticks of pork bbq and 2 and a half pcs of puso at Matias; *BURP* excuse me :3), Dad wanted his usual dose of McDonald’s vanilla sundae cone at J Center. But I had another thing in mind; this was the opportunity for that snow ice that’s been haunting me.
         So I trudged along to that colorful little shop and ordered myself a solo green tea snow ice with twin chewsomes (in simpler terms, 2 toppings) – green apple cocochew and passion fruit burst bubbles. Yes, they all do not complement each other at all but these were the flavors I really wanted to try first. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a fruity fan. Hence, the choices for my snow ice.
solo green tea snow ice with passion fruit burst bubbles and green apple cocochew
P 65
        The snow ice is served with choices of solo (P 40) or to share (P 70) servings and chewsome toppings for an additional amount of P 15 for single, P 25 for twins and P35 for triplets. It looked like slightly creamy shaved ice but had the texture of very light and airy ice cream. Interesting, but I’d have to say I’d still prefer froyo or their milk teas. I am planning on trying a better combination next time though, one that finally complements each component.
       It’s a rare comment but I can really say Cobo is lavish and extra generous with their servings in terms of their toppings. I can’t believe I can say this, but it’s too much for me (what is too much for the “babe”?). Haha. Not really sure if that’s a good thing but I guess it is because in this sense, too much is better than too little. At least satisfaction is achieved and maybe even more than expected.
         Though most of the ingredients used for the products served here are artificially flavored (which I don’t favor so much), I think what’s unique and most addicting about this place is the fun you can have with the flavors and combinations therewith. I would also just like to commend the staff, particularly a “Gino”, who recognizes regular customers and does a great job with the concoctions. They also suggest drinks or other items that they know you haven’t tried but might like. I was encouraged to try their chicken snack and jello smoothies next time so those are definitely next on the list.

*Open Mon-Sun 10 am - 9 pm
J Center Mall, A.S. Fortuna St., Banilad, Cebu City

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  1. Your reviews are quite engaging; it is as if the reader is walked through your experience, seeing the place with their own eyes and savoring the flavors you so wonderfully described. The catch phrase at the end of the post capped it perfectly.

    1. Wow, thanks sir Joel! Those are very encouraging words. God bless with your blog as well! Keep posting! :)