Blissful Bites

       The 'babe' has just whipped up something in the kitchen! I have thought of selling some pastries to enjoy my summer because I will be going to Hong Kong Disneyland by the end of May. Of course, I need to save up for my food adventures there - a long-awaited fantasy to be fulfilled. So what's from the babe's kitchen?

Red Velvet Mini Cupcakes! With cream cheese frosting....
And topped with toasted cashew nuts!
box of 6 - P80
my little assistant: Joanna! :)
I'm giving some to a friend for her birthday. :)
Box of 6 - P80
A dozen - P160

       At these affordable prices, they're perfect as gifts for special occasions or even as occasional indulgence. I intentionally made them at this size as a healthier serving compared to eating the regular size which you're forced to finish even when you've had enough. So if these are your guilty pleasures, just eat one everyday and your craving is satiated. :)

For orders (Cebu only), call or text +63 922 8822 655. 
Orders should be made 3 days ahead.
Pick up is at Ayala, City Sports Club and IT Park.
Wholesale or party orders also accepted. 

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Oh drool. :-P~~~
    No free taste? Hehehe :))

    1. Haha! Pwde bsta ikaw! hahaha! saman? want some? :)

    2. Yahooo!! Please email a box (demanding! one box gyud!) of red velvet cupcakes to mustachioventures@gmail.com hahahaha And I will blog about it :-D

    3. Haha! I'm serious, you can have a free taste. :D Where and when can you get them? :)

  2. Whoa, that looks really good! Congratulations and looking forward to your post on your HK foodtrip!

    1. Thanks, dude! Any recommendations on the food spots at HK? Wish i could try the egg tarts at macau. Huhu!

  3. oh my god jus!! you make red velvets!!! :D where do you live? hahaha you have some ready? haha

    1. YESSS. Order some! Haha! I live at Mandaue and yes, I'm loaded with them. :D

      Text meeee! 09228822655 ;)