Tea & Symphony

         With milk teas leading the food trend in Cebu, here's one called Tea & Symphony that just launched this month. It is located at the ground floor of UC Banilad. This is quite convenient for me compared to Cobo because it's along my route to school. 
        I was invited to the launching but I missed it so I dropped by one day with my friend , Chin-Chin, on our way to school. We were greeted by a cozy, clean and simple interior; perfect for study groups, small meetings, or even alone time. Picture frames of tea farmers at a tea leaf farm line the walls and they also have a spot where you can leave traces of your visit on a message board.     
the message board. leave a note! :)
the menu board
        They serve freshly brewed teas, milk teas, fruit teas and non-tea beverages with a variety of toppings to pair. Aloe Vera, Grass Jelly and Egg Pudding toppings are a must try! You can have their brewed teas and milk teas either hot or cold in small, medium or large serving. They also offer Taiwanese street food snacks! Choices are Chicken, Fish and Tofu in either Salt n Pepper or Wasabi Pepper. Being the more adventurous diner, I got wasabi pepper fish. Sweetness level is offered in Normal (100%), Less (75%), Half (50%), Mild (25%) and Healthy (0%). Chin-Chin tried their house blend, Tea & Symphony milk tea in normal sweetness, and I got their Panda milk tea (Tea & Symphony + black and white pearls), one of their mash up drinks, in 75% sweetness.      
pretty Chin-Chin! :)
their snack bag :))
Fish in Wasabi Pepper
        I found the fish quite salty but I loved the fried basil they included in the serving. The wasabi pepper was also just mild. My Panda milk tea was a bit too sweet to my taste so I think 50% sweetness would have been better. 

         I visited this place again last week with Doyzkie of iluvcebu.com and his friends JP and Javier. We had Tea & Symphony, Black Dragon, Wintermelon, Hokkaido and Panda milk teas (all at 50% sweetness), Apple Double Fruit Tea (Apple Green Tea + Green Apple Nata) and all three of their snacks - Chicken (in Salt n Pepper), Fish and Tofu (both in Wasabi Pepper). Only the Apple Double did not fit in the liking of our taste buds but everything else was really good. I particularly loved the Black Dragon with Aloe Vera Nata and the Tofu in Wasabi Pepper! :) 

         Tea & Symphony must have been named so because of the harmony of their teas and the pleasant music played in the cafe. They play acoustic, bossa nova and some blues at a pleasing audio level. The place is also very kempt and their teas are freshly brewed as you order! Definitely a place for you to cool down and relax without the guilt (if you're enemies with fat/cholesterol). ;)  

Price range:
Milk Teas - P60 - P75
Brewed Tea - P55 - P70
Snacks - P50

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thurs   9 AM - 10 PM
Fri - Sun        1 PM - 10 PM

Tea and Symphony 
G/F UC Banilad, Cebu City

Map: link

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  1. Funny, I was there yesterday and was planning on writing about it today. Hahaha :) Didn't try their snacks though...which one do you recommend?

    1. Haha. Cool. I always envy you having gone to the places I've always wanted to check out. Haha. I strongly recommend tofu in wasabi pepper. :D

    2. Thanks! Will try tofu in wasabi pepper next time. 'Next time' will probably be in 2 months... coz I just had my 2 months worth of milk tea in one sitting (3 servings hahahahah)

    3. Whaaat??? paytera gud. why 3 servings?! hahaha! you tried 3 flavors?! Nah, milk tea is too tempting to miss for 2 months. Haha. ;)

    4. Yes 3 different flavors... Milk tea overdose!