On a random afternoon, I got quite a surprise from a message I received from the marketing head of Thirsty, Ms. Pia Mercado. She was inviting me to a press con for their new products but unfortunately, since I've been having problems with my laptop, I was only able to read the message after the date of the event. Sad! But she was really kind to contact me when I gave her my mobile number to give me some gift certificates to try their new products. This was the first time I'd receive something for my blog! 

        So, I got 5 coupons to try their Fresh Fruit Salad w/ Nestle Yogurt. I've actually already tried this and even the one with cream before. It's always been my favorite snack (Fresh FRUITS are my happiness!). Now that it comes with Nestle yogurt and more varieties of fruits, it's even more loveable! The fresh fruit salad is now made healthier and tastier with mango, watermelon, apple, grapes, lychee, sweet corn, buko (young coconut strips) and banana and a dollop of Nestle yogurt for only P65 (small), P80 (regular) and P90 (large). The small size is perfect for a solo serving and the regular size is already generous which makes the large size good to share. 
        And, they had a photo contest for a chance to win a Blackberry phone which runs from February 29, 2012 to April 11, 2012. The mechanics were to just take a photo of you or with friends enjoying the fruit salad with yogurt and email it to pagesholdings@yahoo.com. I really wanted to join this and I even made an effort to do a photo shoot just for this because I badly need a new phone right now and Blackberry would've been perfect for my blog and tweets BUT I missed the deadline of submission of entries! So much for my efforts. The deadline was on March 9 and I did the shoot on March 13. Oh well. :( 
Here are the top picks for my supposed entries:

photos by: Joy Real http://www.facebook.com/joy.real1
Yes, I'm FAT now. :|
        Quick shoutout: Thank you so much Chene Denisse Wayne Echavez for proposing this shoot for me and being the muse. And thanks much to Joy Real for the great shots! :D

I mean c'mon, don't you think I deserve a blackberry for this? :(

       They also have a contest for tweeties to win an iPod shuffle. There are three draws for this - March 14, March 28 and April 4. So, if you've got a Twitter account and wanna win an iPod shuffle, just follow @ThirstyFresh and retweet "@ThirstyFresh I love THIRSTY's fresh fruit salad with nestle yogurt! #032contest". There are still two more draws so go grab your chance! 
       Summer is finally here and Thirsty has two new shakes to cool you down for the season - Mojo and Rasta; additions to their existing Tropical Rain shake. The concoctions are still a secret though. Definitely something to look forward to in the heat! 
        Aside from these, if you haven't noticed, Thirsty now offers yogurt with their shakes WITHOUT added cost. And not just any yogurt (like those commercial powdered ones) but Nestle yogurt so it's reliable. Yogurt shakes made with fresh fruits and at very affordable prices! I'd love to try their guyabano shake now in season. 

Meet the heat this summer the healthy way - with Thirsty! :D
Go for GREEN!
photo by: http://www.iluvcebu.com
follow them on Twitter: @ThirstyFresh. 

To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D

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  1. Lucky you got gift certificates! I miss yogurt. Maybe I should go buy a cup today! Oh, and good luck with the tweet contest or whatever it's called :)

    1. Haha. Thanks, mustachio! :D

      I lost my chance of winning a blackberry already though. Huhuhu.

  2. wish I can take a sip, looks fresh