What's in Season: Star Apple!

        So I'm adding a new segment to my blog: What's in Season? It basically features fruits that are in season and sold abundantly along the streets and at the markets. Hope you guys find this useful and entertaining! :)

What's in Season: STAR APPLE (a.k.a. caimito)

       There are two varieties that I know of - green and purple. The green ones stay the same color whether raw or ripe. You'll know they're ripe when they're soft to the touch. Purple ones, on the other hand, are green when raw and turn dark purple when ripe. They have a milky, soft texture and mild sweetness with seeds engulfed in the succulent membranous meat. They do not need to be peeled; just open by removing stem and pinching ad pulling laterally in half. As with all fruits, best eaten chilled. Watch out for the seeds though. :) 

        These in the pictures are the extra large variety, initially priced at P200 for a dozen but Dad's awesome haggling skills got them for P150. Buying them on the streets gives you more chances of haggling so as much as possible, take advantage of street vendors. :) 

To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D

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  1. yummy star apples. Nakakaconstipate nga lang pag naramihan. But I like them so much because it's cheap this season.


    1. Really? Wow, I didn't know they can constipate but yeah, cheap in season. :)

  2. Never tried this before! looks delicious!

    1. A must try! One of the most unique fruits. :)