It's Been A Year!

Hey there, foodies!

          So, it's been a year! Yesterday was BFF's, your "best food friend's", FIRST year anniversary! There may not have been a party but it was a significant day for me because despite my family's zero support and my busy schedule being back in school and all, this blog survived. It is an extension of myself, where the born foodie that I am, immerses herself in her food fantasies and where her rantings are not mere prisoners of thought but are exposed to fellow foodies and potential critics or haters.

             Before I get to my thank you speech where you all will probably doze off, I'd just want to briefly narrate how this blog started out. So, here goes...

            About a week before BFF was born, our family business which includes a tiny cafe I used to help manage and slave over, closed down as a failed business. This would have been tragic news for most, but I was more overjoyed by the fact that my pointless slavery was finally over. And with the new freedom that I had gained, though wounded by all the struggles and sufferings I had been through from the business, I randomly thought of starting this food blog to continue my passion in this industry. It was also like a hidden dream buried in the pit of my mind, to be able to share my thoughts on food and see if I'm anything normal. Haha. 

        So here's BFF, made not out of profit interests but with the dream of being acknowledged by dining establishments as a reliable reviewer and to be fed by them. After all, it is FOOD that makes me happy. I only wanted to be fed and didn't think of blogging as some business. This is also my way of showing off the good eats of the beautiful island that I love and belong to -- CEBU! :D

          And with a year having passed, I can only be overwhelmed by how my simple dream has come to be in reality and what it continues to turn out. I never imagined what my blog has done for me. I've met fellow bloggers, made new friends, developed my palette, discovered more of beautiful Cebu, gained more insights and knowledge on the industry that I'm most passionate about and of course the best part, gotten invites to several food events. All these would not have been possible if God did not bless me with the determination to put my efforts, time and money into this blog. The fact that this has survived a year shows that this is part of God's plan for me and it is the talent He has blessed me with. I can only be grateful and continue to do my best in delivering a blog that is pleasing to your minds and palette and most importantly glorifying to Him. As each dream is realized, I will never stop dreaming and reaching my goals. 

            Thank you so much, dear readers, for your patronage and encouraging comments! You have definitely helped keep me going. I would also like to thank my friends who supported me and continue to do so, by taking my dining venue suggestions and dining with me so I can get a better view of the menu than eating alone. Thank you thank you thank you to all who believe in me! To Luis, Manolo, Tita Issa, Tita Rachel, Issa Perez, Justin Sinco, Ejay Williams, Ms. Joy Uy of Cafe Elysa, Tea and Symphony, Momon, Joem, Ate Ro-ann, Kazoot, Chef Gene and Gino Gonzalez, Chef Lawrence, Chef Toto, Chef Randell, Sir Joel Locaylocay and many more I may forget to mention here. I love you!!! :D

Hope to share more food adventures with you!   

P.S. I will be giving away some gift certificates as a little thank you gesture. More details in another post. Soon! :D

  Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

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  1. If this is how far you've come in just a year, I can only imagine what new gastronomic delights lay in store for you and your readers in the years to come. Congratulations, Justinne.

    1. Thanks, Sir!!! I'm so grateful to everyone who has been encouraging me. :D

  2. Yo Justine I support ur cooking! XD

    1. Haha! Hi Chantal! Thanks! Your bro is an awesome cook too! ;)

  3. happy birthday BFF! :)

  4. happy birthday, BFF!! May you have many more!!

  5. Justinne!! Wow, major congratulations to your blog! I can remember it was only 6 months into your blog when we first met no? You have really come a long way since you've started and it's great to see that you continue to have great passion and pride for it. Keep up the great work and i'll always be a great supporter for your bakery and work =). Regards - ejay

  6. Hey, Ejay!

    Aaww, thanks! Yeah, both my blog and our friendship have come a long way. Thank you so much for everything, Ejay! You're one of my few but biggest supporters and I can't thank you enough. :D