Cebu Secret Chows: Fr. Landz Pizza

          Back when I lived in Guadalupe, studied culinary in ICAAC and when pizza was the food trend, I read of this little pizza resto on Sunstar (by Luis, when we weren't acquainted yet) and frequently passed by it on my way to school but I never considered checking it out for no particular reason. 

           Now that I've transferred residence, go to school in USC (I have subjects in all campuses. Insane right?) and have this blog, Luis suggested to have lunch at Fr. Landz one day. My curiosity was finally awakened.

           As I entered, I was greeted by a tiny pizza cafe that seats approximately 20 people and was like a little replica of Sbarro because they had a counter where slices of pizza were displayed to be ordered individually. The staff were courteous and wifi is available here. It is located along Englis, V. Rama and does not have properly allocated parking space so it is more ideal for take out and delivery.

Hawaiian P47, Supreme P50

           The menu was simple: pizza, 2 choices of pasta, baked chicken wings and some a la carte meals. Pizza is served whole or by slice, the baked chicken wings came in a variety of flavors as meals or by the dozen, and the pasta is served with a garlic twist on the side and offered with the choice of the 3 usual sauces: tomato, carbonara and meat. 

              BAKED? This caught my eye. Baked dishes other than pizza and lasagna are rare in resto's and since I love chicken, I had to try this. 

           We ordered the Fr Landz Crisp and Baked Penne Pasta on Ricotta in Tomato Sauce. And since blue is my favorite color, I got a Blue Raspberry Lemonade. I would just have the pizza on my next visit.

the babe loves BLUE! 

          The pasta looked really good and when I took my first bite, I was surprised by how good it was. I can say it's even better than Sbarro. The pasta was al dente and had enough sauce so it wasn't dry. The ricotta cheese made this a winner. It was the charm of this dish. The serving is good for 1-2 persons. 

       It also came with a garlic twist which impressed me. Again, I like it better than Sbarro because it's way less greasy. It's chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside. You can order it for just P12.

         The Fr Landz Crisp Baked Chicken was alright. I liked that it had a lavishly spiced crisp exterior though it was not as juicy as I wished it as. 

          Fr Landz proved to be a pleasant surprise and I left with a satisfied palate and tummy. The prices are reasonable and it's a comfy place to dine in. I would definitely go back for the garlic twist and the pasta. 

What we had:
Blue Raspberry Lemonade - P47
Fr Landz Crisp Baked Chicken Wings Duo Meal - P80
Baked Penne on Ricotta - P140

Fr Landz Pizza
Englis, V. Rama, Cebu City 6000

Operating Hours: Mon - Sun 10 am-12 mn

Price range:
pizza - P47-50 (slice); P295-370 (whole)
baked chicken wings - P75-385
pasta - P130-150

For deliveries or pick up, contact: (032) 253 7878

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