Lucky in Loft

        Does the title sound familiar? It's a parody of 'lucky in love'. Yes, I'm corny like that. My, am I terrible with titles. :p

        The Loft, as most Cebuanos are familiar with, was a classy restobar and club that had just undergone renovation and is now an upscale Italian restobar and lounge. They have gotten Chef Giuseppe to recreate their menu.

         Chef Moreno Benigno is the young Italian head chef who supervises the kitchen operations everyday. I followed him on Twitter and he was hosting this guessing game a week ago with a free dish at stake. I've been doing giveaways for the past few months, so I figured it was about time I try to win something too.

          Curious about the new cuisine at Loft, I took my chance. I had to guess the dish in the pic posted on Twitter. With much determination, I made the right guess and won a free taste of the dish (it was deep fried breaded stuffed olives. Whew!)! Happiness!

         When I went to The Loft to claim my prize, I was seriously just expecting to get that one dish. I stepped into a classy modern setting with plush seats and a candlelit table. I met Chef Moreno and he sat down with me. I introduced myself along with my blog and since he liked it, he offered me one more dish of my choice. How awesome is that?! 

           I asked for his recommendation since he'd know best but he made me take a look at the menu for my choice. Mind you, I can be very indecisive especially when faced with new and unfamiliar things but he was pretty patient with me.

          So, we agreed on a salmon for my main course and the breaded stuffed olives for my appetizer. But then he also offered me another dish that sounded unfamiliar to me and even if I wasn't quite sure I'd like it, I trusted that the chef always knows best. 

         Just a heads up: the photos are pretty dim because I wanted you to feel like you were with me in the candlelit dinner (but really, these are phone pics and my phone doesn't have a flash). :p

             While waiting for my food, I was served a platter of assorted bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side. There was ciabatta, baguette, and foccacia. Nom nom!

             Then came the special dish I won... Olive all' Ascolana. Chef Moreno was so nice to give me some dibs on the dish, that the olives are from Sicily and they're carefully pitted and stuffed with beef, pork and vegetables in wine. I found it to be quite salty but of great quality nonetheless. And as if the meal couldn't get any better, he offered me a fine chardonnay to pair with my olives because he said I shouldn't eat them without the wine. Ooh la la! As I took my first bite with my first sip, the two worlds collided and it was a perfect match indeed. The wine neutralized the savoriness of the olives. :D


            Then, another recommendation, the Suppli Di Riso e Gorgonzola. It was deep-fried and carefully breaded risotto with gorgonzola rolls. Think: fried sushi, Italian version. I never imagined rice to be cooked this way. It was bliss in every bite and perfect on its own. I love mildly stinky cheese such as gorgonzola by the way. ;) 

            And the superstar of the night, the Salmone -- salmon fillet in bellpepper mushroom crust with arugula pesto and vegetables. I always take my first bite with a little of everything and it was one heartwarming dish. The serving was generous, I mean, it was a beautiful huge ass salmon cooked to perfection. Soft, juicy, flavorful, on a bed of complementing vegetables -- impeccable! The layer of mashed potato cake sandwiched between the fish and the vegetables was creamy and had a lovely crisp crust on the top that contributed to the awesome texture make-up of the dish.  

                It was truly an amazing experience. It's been a while since I've had that great an Italian meal. I was so stuffed I couldn't quite finish everything but I definitely savored every bite of each dish. I also enjoyed chatting with the charming and entertaining Chef Moreno. Complements to the chef! :D

            The authenticity, quality and reasonable pricing undoubtedly makes The Loft one of the top dining destinations in the metro. A must visit if you're looking for quality Italian dining, complete with a one-of-a-kind ambience and commendable service. Don't forget, you can even stay on to party or chill the night away with their delectable Stuzzichini or better known as pulutan for a more familiar term.  


Was I "lucky in Loft" or what? :D

If you get to meet Chef Moreno there, don't forget to say "Ciao!" and he'll definitely respond with "Buon appetito!"

*Prices are subject to 10% service charge.

The Loft
Skyrise 1, IT Park
Lahug, Cebu City

Contact:  +63 927 822 7047  

Operating Hours:    Mon - Thurs    6-11 PM
                             Fri & Sat         6 PM - 4 AM

To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. I'm drooling reading about the food you had!! Yum yum yum

    1. It was seriously awesome and the chef is very friendly, too. I loved those fried risotto rolls! It gave me a whole new perspective towards rice and breaded dishes. I'm now a fan! :D

  2. Too lucky !! I like your very descriptive writing I was almost holdng on to my seat for the next dish you were gonna talk about. Du know of their price range though? :) will def go check it out smetime!

    1. Hi, kdawnsy!

      Thanks for the comment! :D

      Price range here is 200-700. The food's really good. Hope to see a post from you about this! :D

  3. Hi Justinne, please contact me at mbenigno393@gmail.com

    Chef Moreno