Hitting Two Birds with One Stone

            ZeroThreeTwo recently hosted a raffle on Twitter for 30 free milk teas from Bubbletea Station and I just thought there was no harm in giving it a shot. To my delight, I found a direct message from them that I've won (just 1 of the 30, of course)! STOKED!

         Meanwhile, I've been hearing about a cool new Asian street food stall at BTC (Banilad Town Center) where Bubbletea also happens to be. And you know nothing gets me pumped up like checking out a new food spot. The thought of hitting two birds with one stone got me really excited. BTC isn't a frequent hangout for me so I've really been itching to head out there with the mission of claiming my free milk tea and seeing that food stall for myself. Yesterday was the perfect day.  

Hello, Bubbletea! :D

          Bubbletea Station is a milk tea stall with a small dine-in setting inside the BTC mall, right by the entrance. :D

           I was entitled to any regular sized (16 oz) flavored milk tea with regular sinkers. I opted for the bestseller, Wintermelon Milk Tea with pearls. My other half got a regular sized Dark Chocolate with pearls. They didn't ask for my sweetness level so I totally forgot about it.

regular Wintermelon Milk Tea with pearls  P75
regular Dark Chocolate Milk Tea with pearls   P80

              You can definitely trust Bubbletea with your milk tea because I found mine to be perfectly fine! I loved the Wintermelon and the pearls were cooked just right! Not too soggy, not too al dente. The dark chocolate wasn't bad either. ;)

click on each photo for a larger view :D

       ...And for that new food stall, I discovered for myself that Bubbletea and Small Eats are actually sister shops, being of the same owner. I found out because Small Eats' menu was also at Bubbletea and you could actually order from there and they'll serve it to you while you enjoy your milk tea. :D 

       Small Eats is located outside the mall, beside Potato Corner; that's on the left side if you're from the parking lot, facing the front of the mall.

           It's actually a shabu-shabu stall which serves shabu-shabu items such as lobster balls and squid balls on a stick (with a choice of fried or boiled) or in a bowl with soup or both soup and noodles. 

      They offer fish balls, squid balls, seafood tofu, lobster balls, Taiwanese sausage and pork siomai. I looovvve lobster balls so I got this and the seafood tofu, both boiled (yay to healthy :p). I'm a sucker for seafood. :D

Boiled Seafood Tofu   P54  and Lobster Balls   P44  

           They were served to me at Bubbletea, already swimming in a shallow pool of soy lime sauce. Nom nom! These are great snacks and could easily become a quick, healthy meal, enjoyed with the noodles in the broth or you could buy puso or rice somewhere. If you're craving for shabu2x, here's a quick and affordable fix to that! :D

Bubbletea Station
1st Floor, Banilad Town Center (inside the mall, outside Nike)
Banilad, Cebu City 6000

Price range:   P70-110

Small Eats
Banilad Town Center (beside Potato Corner)
Banilad, Cebu City 6000  

Price range:   P15-80

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. I won too. unfortunately, I didn't sent my name but instead used my sister's name.. she didn't get her part yet.. still waiting for her to get it though. :D

    1. Oh! Congrats to you too! You should try the shabu2x with your milk tea. Not bad at all! :D