Home Dining at Merilla's

          I always get excited when I get invites to new restaurants because 1) that’s the pig I am -- I love to eat! and 2) eating is learning (it develops the palate especially when tasting unfamiliar flavors and meeting new dishes).

          A new restaurant, Merilla’s Resto, just opened at the Avon Bldg. in Capitol, where Pan de Manila used to be. It is quite a classy setting for the menu that it serves. The menu consists mostly of common Filipino dishes and a dash of American and Mediterranean. The catch is, it's extra light on the pocket!

      Merilla's is named after the mother of the owner, where the recipes originated from. With that, you can expect motherly home cooking.

      It has a cozy and non pretentious ambience with warm lighting, a spacious dining area and simple, modern furnishing. The paintings are works of the owner's sister.

          The specialties here are Lamb in Honey Sauce, Rellenong Bangus and Merilla's Ribs.

Lamb in Honey Sauce - P275

         This is probably the most unique dish you'd be surprised to find here. It was my first time to try a lamb steak in a sweet glaze with a medley of vegetables topped on it. I'd say it's definitely a Pinoy version. I still prefer roasted lamb with mint jelly or baked leg of lamb in a red wine gravy. I'm not the type who likes sweet hints on savory items. If you're feeling adventurous, you could pick this dish for your meal. 

Rellenong Bangus - P180
       If I hear the name Rellenong Bangus, I would imagine a whole bangus (that bony milk fish) deboned and stuffed with a farce of vegetables and meat. Merilla's version looks like an embutido. The texture was smooth and consistent and there was only a pleasantly mild fishy taste to it. I usually avoid bangus but this was well prepared.  

Merilla's Ribs - P150

         Ribs has come to be one of the most common staple in resto's now and they all try to serve their own special versions. At Merilla's, they steer away from the usual barbecue sauce. They have a thin, sweet tomato based sauce and comes with a variety of vegetables that are significant of home cooking. 

         These specialties are meant to be shared but if you're one hungry fellow, feel free to gorge alone. The Capitol area is known to be a busy strip lined with offices and commercial establishments so if you happen to be around the area and are looking for a decent place to dine with a low budget, Merilla's can offer you the comforts of home cooking in a classy casual setting. 

Merilla's Resto
Ground floor, Avon Plaza Bldg
Osmena Blvd, Cebu City 6000

Operating Hours:    Mon - Sat    8 am - 9pm

Price range:  P80 - P300

Contact: (032) 514 5377

Facebook: facebook.com/MerillasResto

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

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Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Is that the one near Verbena? Sayang di pa siya open last August.


    1. I think so! Did you stay there when you were here? :)

    2. I did last year. I stayed at Fuente Oro and Crown Regency Mactan last August. :)

  2. The lamb in honey sauce sounds awesome :)

    1. It's definitely a different take on lamb. :D

  3. The rellenong bangus looks interestingly delicious :) I hope they open a branch here in Manila.

    1. yes, I think I like the rellenong bangus best from their menu. They're a new resto but hopefully if they gain enough popularity soon they could branch out there. you should watch out for Cebu homegrown resto's invading Manila like Dong Juan and Dimsum Break. :D

  4. The lamb and ribs look good, my kind of place!