Cebu Secret Chows: Kameyaki Okonomiyaki

           Asian street food is the best street food in the world. Who could refute? Japan's takoyaki balls are gaining popularity in Cebu as you find them even on the streets now. Takoyaki is Japan's version of squid balls -- "tako" meaning squid and "yaki" meaning grill. These are typically filled with squid and vegetables, grilled on a takoyaki pan. These are one of my favorite thrift snacks since I first found them in Metro Ayala food court at P20 for 3 pcs but these didn't contain any squid in them. 

         There's one particular food stall I've spotted at Piazza Elesia in Talamban called Kameyaki Okonomiyaki  which is snugly situated under a staircase. It has an authentic Japanese street food impression with those matching welcoming bright lamps hanging from its corners. Its delicate glow seemed to beckon me as I was watching it from a distance (actually, I was at Buddies then).

see the staircase? ;)

        Kameyaki actually specializes in noodle pancakes which are considered as Japan's popular fry or grilled delicacy. They serve a variety of this such as squid, pork and their own special mix. The takoyaki was a new addition to their menu the last time I was there (a few months back; check their fb page for updates). :D

        Everything at Kameyaki is cooked fresh to order. I also fancy watching takoyaki in the making. :)

         Their takoyaki was served in 6 pcs for only P90. I noticed that theirs was bigger than the cheap ones at mall foodcourts. This was the real thing. It's got all the works -- nori (seaweed) sprinkles, mayo, a special sauce AND squid bits inside. I ate all of it alone!

        Another thing I noticed here was the great service. The staff are cheerful in greeting you and are friendly enough to give you recommendations. This is one place to get your unique Japanese quick fix.  

        Kameyaki can also be found in BTC on Sundays. I'll be writing about this food market soon! :D

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Kameyaki Okonomiyaki
Piazza Elesia, Talamban
Cebu City 6000

Contact:    (032) 360 6877
                 +63 926 690 1503

Price range:   P90-170

Operating Hours:   Mon - Sun   2-10 PM

Facebook:   facebook.com/kameyakifoods

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

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  1. No wonder I never get to see them in BTC! They are only open on Sundays. Yummy yes?!

    1. Haha! Yup! Love at first bite! :D

  2. I want to try this when I visit Cebu again! ;)


  3. Replies
    1. Join my contest nga!

    2. I will! :D
      I wanna try their other dishes! :D