Cebu Secret Chows: Macaron Tango

         French macarons was my first official food post for Babe for Food's debut in the blogosphere. If you don't remember or are clueless, just click here. I love these luxe cookies for their texture (light crisp shell and melt-in-your-mouth chewy interior) and the endless variety of flavors and colors they could come in. 

           Before this blog was born, Macaron Tango was already around, so it's been more than a year in existence. It only caught on a bit of popularity just lately this year. And it was not only til recently that I took my chance to visit them for none other than their much renowned glorious macarons.

(Sorry for the dim photos)

The macarons in all their flavored glory!

       I noticed they had miniature macarons on top of the regular-sized ones which I found out were free samples! How adorable! 

Luis with his macaron lips. Perfect fit! :))

           Macaron Tango is owned by a French family so you're guaranteed to find authentic French dishes here. This little, cozy French patisserie and cafe offers honestly good pastries and entrees such as quiche lorraine, cheesecakes, fresh salads and more that will keep you coming back.  

      As much as I wanted to try one of their entrees during this visit, my wallet was malnourished. So I had to settle for just the macarons. I had the pistachio, strawberry and vanilla. These are P40 a pop and P255 for a box of 6. 

strawberry, vanilla and pistachio for P40 each!

       ...Love at first bite. I will forever lust for these! 

        Not only can you eat their macarons, you can WEAR them too! Well, not for the guys, of course. I noticed an accessory collection of macaron necklaces and earrings hung on their wall by the counter. Quite pricey though! Necklaces for P300 and earrings for P400 (I don't know why the earrings are more expensive. O.O). But if you're that obsessed with these aristocrat cookies, why not? 

macaron necklaces P300
macaron earrings P400

        Just this month, Macaron Tango has opened a new branch at BTC. They don't serve meals there but they do have lasagna and quiche if you want a heavy snack. Finally, one for the northern folks like me! :)

*This is a Cebu Secret Chows segment. Check out the page on my homepage's menu bar for the complete list and more posts like this. :D

Macaron Tango 
Boulevard (under Jo's Inato), Osmena Blvd.
Capitol, Cebu City 6000

Banilad Town Center (BTC),
Gov. M. Cuenco St., Cebu City 6000

Contact:  (032) 236 3488

Operating Hours:   Mon - Sat  8:30 AM - 10 PM 

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. 40 pesos a pop. Literally. You can just pop the whole macaron in your mouth :-D Why oh why is this so expensive?!

    1. Haha! Yeah, literally! :))

      Well, it's made of almond flour, and as you know, almond izzz cha-ching! Haha! ;)

  2. Why didn't I see this place? I want to try the cheesecakes!


    1. Because it's a CEBU SECRET! ;)

      I wanna try their quiche and main dishes! :D

  3. Replies
    1. Oh yes, for good quality Japanese street food. :D

  4. I miss their macarons!! Been there only once and I wanna go back sooon! :)

    1. Me too! I have yet to go back for their main courses. :D

  5. Hi Justine! This is an awesome post. I really thought Vanille is the only store that sells macarons here in Cebu. Glad to hear about Macaron Tnago. :)

    P.S. Saw you at the CBC last Friday! :)

    1. Hi Carla! Thanks for dropping by and reading! You should've approached me at CBC! hehe. Anyway, thanks again! Macaron tango is a must try! ;)

  6. Wow! This is the cutest macarons I've ever seen. I also want to taste it because I think it is delicious. Hope to visit Cebu next year or I will tell my friends there to buy me that if she will come back to Manila. Thanks.

    Kirstz @ restaurants in Laguna Philippines

    1. Hi! I assure you there are countless places and food to try in Cebu. If you've been here some time ago before, you'd be surprised at how much it's grown. :D

      Hope you can visit soon! :D