Cebu's Mini Mercato Centrale at BTC! (Part 1)

        I've been meaning to write about this for months now but just haven't made time for it since I don't frequent this place. But anyway, here it is!

        Ever heard of the Mercato Centrale food market in Manila? If not, check out Anton Diaz's blog (ourawesomeplanet.com) for a quick preview. Mercato Centrale is one of the most popular food markets in Manila. It's a weekend hub where home cooks and budding entrepreneurs can introduce and showcase their products to the public. It's where you can find an extensive variety of specialties, organic produce and a whole lot of interesting, innovative home-cooked dishes or items that you'd look forward to every weekend for. 

        As for Cebu, there has been a Sunday market at BTC for the past few months now and not too recently, a Saturday Food Market (Part 2 of this segment!) completed the weekend joint. Though it's a pebble compared to THE Mercato Centrale, the food market at BTC has warmed up to the Cebuanos who are now active gourmands. 

        So, here it is... If Manila has Mercato Centrale at BGC, Cebu has Cebu Food Market at BTC. :D

        Unfortunately, I wasn't able to note the names of some stalls.. But oh well.. I'll let the photos explain for themselves. 

The lobby of BTC is streaked with food stalls. :D

Apolonia Pastry Shop

      This is a newcomer in the Sunday food market. They offer homebaked goods from their family heirloom recipes, originally from the grandmother named Apolonia. Their specialty is their local sweet-filled cookie called Masa Podrida which they say is a delicacy in Argao (if my memory serves me right). They also have sylvannas, caramel tart and assorted brownies. 

assorted brownies
caramel tart
Masa Podrida

Takoyaki Okonomiyaki

       This is actually a Cebu Secret Chow I've written about last month. It is originally located Piazza Elesia, Talamban. Read more about it here.    

Takoyaki: Japanese squid balls

(sorry, I didn't get the stall name)

         This stall sells a wide assortment of kakanin (local delicacies) and some organic vegetables and local eggs!

Dos Hermanos

         This is one stall that attracted me most. Here, you can find Spanish home cooking -- paella, callos, chorizo. They also do catering services. I had to go back another weekend to try these! Will have a separate post about this. Watch for it. ;)


(no name)

          This stall, I'd call the health stall. It's actually shared by two tenants. One side has powdered turmeric and moringa, the other has  wheatgrass supplement drink and candy bars. 

(no name)

        Another stall has organic fruits and vegetables. You can find pre-washed and packed varieties of lettuce here.

(no name)

         Organic plants for sale...

Sweet Melissa

        Home-made French pastries and artisan bread. 

        I love that all the products in this food market are a labor of love by each entrepreneur. I can imagine the hard work and passion they put into their business to bring out their specialties in the market. The Sunday food market is mostly for take out customers though. As I mentioned earlier, part 2 of this segment is about the Saturday food market which is more interactive. So, I hope you'll stay tuned for that! :D

BTC Sunday Market
Banilad Town Center (BTC), Gov. M. Cuenco St.
Banilad, Cebu City 6000

Open:  Sundays  10 am - 6 pm (or until supplies last)

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


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    1. Yes, it's been a growing trend. :)

  3. Cool, ganahan sad ko mo try og ari niya on Sundays. Is this still ongoing? Lami og cool man gud tan.awn sa pics.

    Hi btw :) I've been visiting your site from time to time though I just made my food blog as well now and cool that we follow the same Filipino food blogs as well. Mang stalk nya ko diri so that I'll be more acquainted sa mga Cebuano food blogs :)

    Thanks :)

    1. m not sure if the sunday market is still around but I think it is. Para sure, visit Saturdays kay mas bongga man sad. Hehe. Thanks for visiting my blog from time to time! It's great to hear. :D