Cebu's Mini Mercato Centrale at BTC (Part 2)

           So I've done Part 1 for this segment; now, here's Part 2! The Sunday market was more for the takeout customers. This Saturday food market, officially known as Cebu Food Market, provides a dine-in setting for the victims of this visual gastronomic spectacle. Like the Sunday food market, it is located at the lobby of BTC but this is a bit more elaborate as there are more stalls. 

Turn your head to the right....
And to the left...

          You are greeted with the aroma of live cooking from some stalls (fresh food!) and a picnic setting of tables and chairs to relax and enjoy the food. I missed to mention previously that the products offered in the market are screened so that no two stalls offer the same nature of products. With that, you're guaranteed to find a fair variety of products in the market. The good thing is, each stall is unique; the (not really) bad thing is, you'll wanna have a piece of every little thing from each stall! Like me! :D 

        As of last month, during my visit, these were the stalls in action....

Belly In Thing
0933 336 1045

         The boneless lechon belly has become a quick trend that you could hardly find any place in the city without it. Since it's the "in thing", I guess that's why this stall is named so. 


       Before I entered the lobby of BTC, I spotted this food truck parked in front of the lobby. I thought, "Hey! Is this for real?" Then I found this stall and the thoughts connected. They offer really affordable packed meals. Would've been cooler if they were actually cooking and selling live from the truck like how it is in the U.S though. 

Heavenly Goodies
0922 828 9759
(032) 414 0009

Super Yummy Brownies

Toni's Patatas Nuggets
0927 884 8469

         This particular stall may not look like much but I heard that they sell out really fast. The proprietor is a Japanese who cooks the products himself. I didn't get to try their stuff though but Mustachio did.  

Potato Nuggets  P50/2 pcs
Potato Nugget Open Sandwich   P45
Tokyo Crispy Lumpia   P10/3 pcs

Dos Hermanos
(032) 232 8693
0917 620 8764

         This is probably the only stall which is also found in the Sunday market. This is a Spanish stall with a Mexican name. I will be writing about this particular stall (as I mentioned in Part 1) separately because it captivated me. So, I'll save more of the details for that post. 

          The attraction of this stall is the enormous paella. It is not a surprise that this sells out by the end of the day. But that's not all they offer though, they also have paella balls and chorizo empanadas to name a few.

croquetas and paella balls!
home-made chorizo empanadas

Pao's Homemade Goodies
1236 J. Fortich St.
Banawa, Cebu City 6000

(032) 254 0139
0917 3001 353
0922 4692 936

Vegans Guild
0906 407 5433

           Another interesting stall. Cebuanos aren't widely exposed to vegan dishes yet but I think this vegan burger would make a good introduction. The foreign owner personally cooks the patties and I was able to chat with him a bit. He said their menu changes every week. So, vegans can now troop to Cebu Food Market for some interesting grub accustomed to their diet. I'd love to try this sometime.

Kiki's Homemade Sweeties
0927 6923 134

          I also love cookies and these looked luscious. This stall had a Christmas menu which featured Stuffed Snickerdoodles cookies, Little Monster Cookies, Banana Walnut Muffin, 12" Monster Cookies and a rare Mango Chocolate Pavlova. I also liked their packaging because it's eco-friendly. ;) 

Banana Walnut Muffin  P260/box of 6
Little Monster Cookies   P210/box of 8

Life is Sweet...Cakes and Pastries
0917 3232 524

           Oh my, I'm such a huge fan of strawberries and this definitely made my eyes well up with tears for the beauty of it. Strawberry cobbler! They had free tasting that day and I did my best to just have one little piece to kill the craving. The cassava with ube also looked really good. It actually reminded me of Rajah Maynila's sapin-sapin. Mmmm...

       And here's some of what I had from this food market. Of course I had to try something. They all looked irresistible! 

           Luis and I got the Dos Hermanos chorizo paella, chorizo empanada and paella balls. We also had some siomai from Heavenly Goodies and they weren't bad at all either. My first impression of the paella, aside that it was huge, was that the egg was just PERFECT. There's nothing more beautiful than a perfectly executed sunny-side-up glistening in glory. Luis was the first to try the paella and he was engrossed. We both admired it above everything else we had. 

Dos Hermanos Chorizo Paella w/ egg  P120   
Dos Hermanos Paella Ball   P50
Dos Hermanos Chorizo Empanada   P30

Cebu Food Market
Banilad Town Center (BTC), Gov. M. Cuenco Ave.
Banilad, Cebu City 6000

Operating hours: Saturdays 10 AM-6 PM (or until products last)

"To know Cebu, eat Cebu! :D"

oink oink,

Babe for Food
- your BFF in Cebu dining! :)


  1. Thanks for the mention! Good job, you featured everything :D

    1. My pleasure! Sayang the ginabot stall wasn't there that day. I was there last weekend and it was there!