Drive In and Dine In

          The last thing you'd probably find on this blog is a post about a carwash but I like the idea that this car wash not only serves cars but human bellies as well. :D

          Excluding those located near commercial complexes, there's one particular car wash along a busy highway usually just passed along by cars that offers a bit more convenience than most of its kind. Drive In Car Wash is considerably a new car wash on the block, having just opened last year. It is owned and managed by three senior entrepreneurship students from the University of San Carlos.

         Drive In Car Wash is a complete car care facility which provides customers with three services: exterior car washing, interior cleaning and car detailing. They use top quality products like Mothers and Microtech.

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        But the extra feature of this car wash is what sets it apart from others. It has a small dining area, catered by Pakals, a canteen whose main branch is located along Gen. Maxilom Ave. (commonly known as Mango Ave.), where you can comfortably indulge in some affordable yet filling home-cooked snacks or meals while your car takes a shower. Now, you don't have to suffer boredom while your car is being pampered.


          The weather can't stop you from cleaning your car as well. They have a rainy day package for only P99 so you can still enjoy a sparkly clean car from the inside, which is what matters anyway. :D


       And true enough, the early bird gets the worm. FREE coffee for early birds all week! From 8 - 10 AM. 

             So, if you often pass this area, don't forget this thoughtful car wash. Click on the photo of the map to enlarge. :)

Twitter: @DriveInCarWash 
Instagram: DriveInCarWash

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