When Food and Fashion Meet 2: Back-breaking and Cowgirl-ing

Two enthusiastic ladies exploring
the best city in the world, Cebu, on a 
quest to uncover the best places to shop, dine and lounge around.
From hole-in-the-walls, downtown best-kept secrets, 
to fancy date spots and splurge sprees -- we’ll be on it!

          It's time for "When Food and Fashion Meet" again! Wow, last month sure just flew by. WFFM's first post was fun, and I'm proud to say, this coverage was definitely another worthwhile adventure!
          This time, we scour the alleys of downtown for a secret shopping destination that makes every girl's dream come true of owning any kind of accessory she wants without breaking the bank; and then we dragged ourselves back uptown to let loose on a well-deserved meal.  

Aizilym Enterprises
#37 Lincon St., Cebu City

Store Hours: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm (Monday- Saturday); 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Sundays)
Jeepney Guide:
from Lahug - 17B and get off at USJR --> we took this from IT Park! :D
from Talamban/Banilad - 62B
from Ayala - 06B

         I've been itching to check out this secret shop since forever because I've seen and heard of so many cute and unbelievably more-than-affordable pieces through friends from that little cave. It's about time I stocked up on new accessories myself. I've been wanting to buy a long necklace and stud earrings. 

         Getting there, I couldn't believe this little Issa could brave those streets because this was the home of bandits and all sorts of sneaky culprits waiting to jump you. I mean, this was the heart of downtown we're talking about. But she ruled the streets like it was her turf. Even the security guard of "Aizi" -- as more popularly and fondly called by schoolgirl shopping einsteins -- recognized her! This was definitely her turn to take me around and amaze me.

         I only had a shady expectation of the shop, thinking it would be a regular-sized one where everything is in full view once you enter. But boy, was I surprised when I saw that it had all the works of a mini-mall -- security guards to check your bags as you enter and leave, a courtesy booth for your bags if you wanna shop "light", a few rows of cashiers like those at the grocery, and best (or worst) of all, aisles and aisles of accessories to choose from. We got a serious problem here. I can take reeaally long to decide when buying things because I'm not an impulsive shopper like Issa and my mom (typical girls) are. I like to invest in good pieces that last me at least four seasons. 

         Oh, and by the way, picture taking is NOT allowed here, which explains the lack of photos on my post. But Issa the ninja just had to sneak some for you guys to have an idea how it looks like. So, check out her post to see photos of some of the stuff sold there. She also has a map guide and survival tips! :D

my weak revenge for that embarrassing photo of me in her post :p 

          To cut to the chase, I bought way more than as planned, and we stayed way longer than planned -- two hours! I couldn't believe I bought so much and only for a fraction of the price if I had shopped elsewhere. Sweeet! Now, I felt like a girl... and an old lady with my aching back from all the bending over  with my heavy bag (because I brought my books with me to study for exams) -- big mistake!

My haul:

Total: 14 items = P477.78

Issa, my craziest friend, was hooked to some weird accessories that made one look like she worships an "EYE" god. This seriously freaks me out. :))

        So, obviously, Aizilym is synonymous to accessory hoarding. Once you step inside, you can't leave... empty-handed! Secret's out, girls!

 For a map guide and survival tips when shopping here, visit Issa's blog. :D

Having gladly burned a hole in our wallets, we could barely walk from the exhaustion and nausea of the endless merchandise to choose from. 
We submitted to the cab to nurse our broken backs and swollen legs. 

Rodeo Grill
Archbishop Reyes Ave., beside Hotel Elizabeth

Contact:  (032) 406 4294

Price range: P99 - P399

Rodeo Hours:

        I got a request from a reader to try this resto because she wanted to know if I'd recommend it. I have heard inconsistent reviews about the place so I was reluctant to, but I'm the type who wants to see things myself before I have a stand on it. This actually wasn't the original plan for this part of the series but since we overstayed in Aizilym, I had to think of something else quick.

       I always love the charm and mystery that Cebu Secret resto's have, especially the first time I visit them. I love (nice) surprises, you see. Nothing makes me more giddy than exploring new resto's or resto's I haven't been to yet. This, in particular, was a beauty in the daylight. A humble facade with a huge menu board gave us a preview of the feast that would await us inside. As we entered, we were welcomed by attentive servers (props to the good serice!) and a cozy ambience brought by neat interiors and warm lighting. Though the place was small, the space was well utilized.  

Swing right in, par'ner!

       It felt so good to be back in civilization and retire in an airconditioned place! Apparently, Issa was no stranger here. Taking her suggestion, I got their bestseller, the Sgt. Peppers Sizzler while she got their Deputy Short Sizzler which was bigger than my order. Yes, don't underestimate this cunning little girl's appetite. :D

Sgt. Peppers Sizzler - P159

            By the way, my order came with UNLIMITED rice! Yeah boys, you heard read that right. With that, the place is easily loveable for the guys. My first bite into my steak really impressed me. I hate margarine though, and it was pretty pronounced in the gravy. But the steak is mighty fine even without the gravy!

Deputy Short Sizzler - P169

         Issa, little ms. mashed potato, ordered an extra serving. And I'd have to agree with Issa, that they have one of the best mashed potatoes in town.

        I have no regrets in the change of plans for our lunch at all. This choice was timely for our famished cowgirl appetites from all that shopping. The sound of our sizzling meals was like music to our ears. You could say the feasting began in our ears. :))

      I would definitely wanna go back for more. I wanna try these next time:

       Check out Issa's shot at being a food blogger, too! Click here to read her post about our cowboy meal.

P.S.  Issa actually learned a thing or two from me during this episode. I taught her how to compute discounts at Aizilym, and also taught her how to slice her steak. :))

                               Before                                       After

       I hope you enjoyed this second episode of our blog series! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts and suggestions.

Til the next episode,
Issa Please
Babe for Food


  1. Great haul! Thanks for letting the secret out :-) I should go there one of these days.

    1. Thanks! Do read Issa's blog for more tips and photos of Aizilym! :)

  2. Wow, huge servings for less than 200 pesos!

  3. When I go to Cebu, you have to promise me we're going to make a blog post together :)

    1. It would be an honor, Richie! Can't wait to see you! :)

    2. I actually thought of taking you here when you get here. Hahaha. And one other place! :D

  4. discount% * 2 = A
    A - Selling price = discounted price!
    it was something like that, right?
    I asked paolo to teach me his way and then he gave up and said the way you taught me way better :P

    So excited to keep doing this with you! Great food, great company and awesome results!

    Love you!!

    1. Hahaha! Yup! You definitely got it right! So happy for you, love! :D

      And yes, yes, so excited to have more great adventures like these with you! :D

      Love you more!!!

  5. nice! it's been a long time that i haven't been to Aizilym... heheheh... cute and cheap accessories! ^_^

    1. thanks! it's definitely worth a visit occasionally. Issa schedules a visit every 6 months. :D

  6. great post! that eyeball bracelet is so trippy! love it!

    1. thanks! yeah, Issa has great taste. :D

  7. Rodeo Grill is just so near our house but I've never been. Thanks for sharing their menu. I might decide to take my sister there one of these days.

    Ohhh, and Aizilym is a great find! Now I know where to go if I'm in need of new accessories.

    1. Well, thanks for reading the post as well! Glad you find it interesting! Hope you get to visit Rodeo Grill soon! It's definitely worth a try. :D

  8. That is one big slab of meat!!!! Sulit sa presyo... will be thereon our ext food trip, can't wait.

  9. Naka adto na gyud ko sa Aizilym. I don't really wear accessories pero just wanted to get cross-eyed at all the accessories hehehe :) Thanks to you. Daghan sad napalit akong sister Hahah

    1. Hahaha! I'm glad nalingaw mo ngadto. I haven't been back since yet.