The Cooking Fashionistas Vlog Series

Hey, foodies!

        If you've visited this blog earlier this month, I just started a blog series collab with my good friend, Issa Perez of issaplease.blogspot.com, called When Food and Fashion Meet. Well, that's not the only collab we're doing... 

        We're also launching a vlog series together, entitled "The Cooking Fashionistas", where I teach Issa how to cook and she teaches me some d-i-y fashion tricks. She is after all my ultimate fashion guru. :D

          So, this vlog series is both for foodies and fashionistas. If you love to cook in style or love looking as good as the food you eat, or if you love cooking or food as much as fashion, this show is for YOU! 

        Fortunately, for this project, we have our great friend, Ejay Williams, to help us out with the shoot and even offer us his beautiful home and kitchen to cook at! 

          Hope you'll like it! Please do watch for it this week. Thanks! :D